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Eco-City Siberia

Vacationing tourists wanted for Glass Domed Utopia in Russian Freezer.

Deep Beneath Siberia’s Frozen Tundra movers and shakers of the old soviet union maneuver to build their glass domed utopia.  Planned for 2012 its designers envision Eco-City to populate 100,000 people.  Plans were released last month by the Russians for the construction of the underground city in the Mir Diamond mine, the second largest hole on the Planet.  At a quarter of a mile wide and over 1,700ft deep the site is planned as a multi-story megalopolis covered  by a vast glass dome with natural light entering through the central core.   Divided into 3 main levels of vertical farms, residency, recreational areas and forests Eco-City will be encapsulated by a photovoltaic glass dome that will harvest enough solar energy to power the complete development.

mir Diamond Mine Crater
proposed location for eco-city Siberia

A once prosperous and thriving industry, demand  for the Mirny mine’s superior-quality stones was so popular  that diamond giant De Beers was forced to buy them to keep the market artificially inflated.  When the mine closed in 2001, it left behind little more than a tiered hole in the ground reminiscent of some barren alien landscape.  A group of architects from AB Elis Ltd. led by Nickolav Lvutemosiv want to transform the 2 million-square-meter space into a domed metropolis powered by a strong if not short term Siberian summer.

Domed city

The Siberian Winters make the landscape on the surface  inhospitable, and in the Summer it fairs no better. the surface beneath the Earth is a natural insulator from the extreme temperatures, and offers unsurpassed protection and security.  As fantastic as the concept may sound underground housing though novel, is neither new or unique. It was postulated by the science fiction writer Jules Verne in The Underground City and preceded J.R.R  Tolkien in the Hobbit.  Churchill followed during WWII along with the rest of England as they scurried to the Subways and The craft of constructing cities Underground has been quietly gaining momentum since.  As it would have it , underground housing has become a trendy lifestyle choice in extreme environments such as the Australian outback, Tunisia, and North & South Poles.

architectral plans
Eco-city Siberia

There are obvious benefits of underground living. In a world of  regular natural

Domed City proposed for 2020

disasters, it offers resistance to extreme cold and heat, and to hurricanes and tornadoes and everything else nature can throw at the human race. But a more immediate advantage is its energy efficiency. Living underground can conserve up to 80 per cent in energy costs, while solar power can eliminate energy bills in their entirety. Eco-City could very well become the solution to alleviating the urban sprawl that threatens regional ecologies. Coupled with its carbon-neutral status, and year  round growing season, the World has the makings of a perfect eco-solution for people and nature. It offers total privacy, security and earth is a natural sound absorber. What a perfect place to hide. Though one  apparent downside may be the  view or lack of, this is easily solved with skylights, light tubes and virtual windows, and  internet cam feeds to provide any vista that piques the owners’ interest.