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Burn Your Birth Certificate

baby_barcodeAccording to the English Dictionary a PERSON is defined as a human being and regarded as an individual. According to the Law however, a PERSON is an individual or corporate group having certain legal rights and responsibilities. This has been held to include foreign and domestic corporations, not a human being regarded as an individual. An Artificial Person according to the Dictionary of Law is a legal entity and Not a human being. As a natural human being you have the capacity for rights or duties. This ‘capacity’ does not guarantee that you will use your free will to exercise them. The definition of a PERSON according to law is a corporate fiction.

Every Country is a Corporation and every citizen of that Country is an employee of that Company. You are listed as an asset, and your person is used to borrow money against. You are Collateral. Australia is registered as a Corporation. It lists Income Tax payments as a stream of revenue on behalf of the custodians of the country and they publish this information on a registrar for the behalf of its shareholders. The Australian government is a work agency and you are human resource. When you go to work you are actually an agent for the federal government and you must pay commission to the Agency via your Tax File number. Your Tax file number is identified as an Employee Identification number. This identifies you as an employee of the government and subject to Corporate law. This is your income Tax. It is the Federal Government providing the Employer by leasing you out as part of their service. Anyone with a Tax-file number is an employee of this corporation.

You have every right to withhold that Tax-file number and instead agree to engage in a contract with a potential barcode_markEmployer. This is understood to be your labor in exchange for Cash in hand. The Government does not want you to do this because undeclared income means loss of revenue, an inaccurate representation of its gross national product, i.e –You! And ultimately, loss of control over that product. Company Policy of this Corporation states a Statute is a Legislative Rule of Society given the Force of Law by the Consent of the Governed, A Rule as of a Corporation is by its own definition only applies to a person and is not Law without submission or consent. The only PERSON known according to the Law is a Corporation.

You are a Man or a Woman that according to Law has a PERSON. That is: according to Law- a fictional entity created by government subject to Civil Policy jurisdiction, who must fulfill all duties given to and governed by Corporate Policy under Statute. This corporate personality does business in the public, controlled by civil law and corporate courts. In contrast a natural man or Woman is subject to Common Law jurisdiction, must never harm another or cause another any form of loss. Under natural Law Man and Woman have the free and unlimited ability to contract and settle debt in private under commercial law. You are falsely identifying with a PERSON that is not You, but a legal fiction forehead-barcodecreated by the Government.

When your name is presented on a document with the first letter of your first and last name capitalized it represents Capitus Diminutio Minima occurs when a man’s family relations were changed. It is a minimal loss of rights. When your last name appears in capital letters it represents Capitus Diminutio Medio which occurs when a man loses his rights of citizenship but not his rights to liberty. This means you can be fined and penalized but not enslaved or imprisoned. But when your entire name is capitalized on any document it represents Capitus Diminutio Maxima which states occurs when a man’s condition changes from freedom to bondage. As on a credit card or driver’s license. All rights of citizenship and family rights are surrendered. You consent to being that corporate personality and you can be fined, penalized, imprisoned and enslaved, in any amount for any duration at the whim of the State.

When you are born your Mother and Father submit (to bend to Another’s will) a Birth Certificate Registration Applicationsingularity Form. Your PERSON was created when your birth was registered and is evidenced by your birth certificate. You don’t get to say what its rights and duties are because you did not create it. The Corporation that is the Australian Government did. In the formulation in any limited Company there is always a Certificate of Registration to create its legal personality. Your fictional PERSON known as MR, MRS or Ms, your NAME is created by the same means. When you register you are handing over legal title of what you are registering to whom or what you are registering to acknowledging or transferring the Authority to another by this process. When you Apply; which means to beg; the assumption is made you know exactly what you are begging for, by whom or what you are Applying to, and that you know, exactly what you are willing to give up for it. This is completely voluntary and not compulsory.

The Name of the PERSON being created on your Birth certificate contains a capitalized surname. To create this PERSON they also need the Names of the FATHER & MOTHER who are the Informants with Capitalized Surnames. Your Parents in effect are Informing on you being Born. The process is already worded to sound like a criminal activity. The Document also requires a Declaration ( as part of Common Law), from a man or a woman (not a PERSON) present to represent the PERSON, needed to create the new PERSON’S LEGAL PERSONALITY. This PERSON is then Registered to a Corporation in the guise of the Registry of Australian Births, Deaths and Marriages. At this point your child no longer belongs to you. They are subject to the Law which includes Mandatory Schooling &Vaccinations. The State reserves the right to remove your children from your care should that care not be deemed satisfactory by Agents of the State: Child Services.

Point of fact your Children are the Property of the Australian Government. You effectively signed over ownership when you Registered them at Birth. You are not obliged to Register your children. If you do it is at that point that you are creating a legal entity for a PERSON. You are associating this Legal Entity with your Child, you are abandoning ownership of your Child, legal title to that PERSON, and the Government is seizing that under the maritime salvage law it becomes their property and they use it as collateral to float loans.


Anamorphic Architecture

Zoomorphic Housing
Roger Dean Mushroom House

If you were an amoeba, your neighborhood was a healthy human body & your job was to travel around this body, what sort of day would you have?

There are no straight lines in Nature & this is never more prevalent than in the free-form organic machinations of Bio-organic architects.

Houses that look like mushrooms, that crawl across the ground like Moss. These extra terrestrial


living spaces that seem to have materialized out of alchemical spells gone awry are in fact very human & closer to the natural world than first appearances might suggest. Not unlike cellular growth, these houses are designed & built so that they follow the basic principles of nature. A House or living space to the Organic Architect should grow out of the natural environment like a plant or animal, & blend with its surroundings, not stick out of the ground like a foreign object.


These zoomorphic environments that incorporate fractal principles; that lean toward an alchemical geometry, are not only possible but a practical alternative to the increasingly inhospitable design of today’s living spaces. New materials such as sprayable concrete, fero-cement, paper-crete & foam core rebar combined with a system of inflatable forms are bringing these decidedly abstract freeform organic houses to life. This is a building system that affords structural design the ability to disappear into the wilderness so completely that it is not just bio-mimicry but symbiosis.Free Form Architecture

The freeform organic design movement, like most that fly in the face of convention has its advocates as well as its detractors. Bio-organic architecture has its roots in the works of artist architects Antonio Gaudi, Hector Guimard & Baron Victor Horta-all leading figures in the Art Nouveau movement. Later this tree would bear fruit through the works of Roger & Martin Dean, who’s anamorphic alien constructs were made popular by bands Yes, Osibisa & Rare Earth.

K.Kellog & Eugene Tsui incorporate a system of compositional hybridization into the software of their design processes creating post modern eclectic living systems that employ wood, stone & other natural resources into their aesthetic. Peter Vetsch a Swiss Designer who’s rap sheet reads like the hide of the Illustrated Man, boasts the largest number of built structures, having developed a whole community. Vetsch is the more conservative of the movement, & as such is most revered by the Architectural mainstream. His buildings are also the most publically accessible, given that he makes limited use of inner fixtures & furnishings, allowing the Resident freer voice in shaping their living environment.

Roger Dean Inspired
Zoomorphic Living Environments

The intellectual technology involved in the design & manufacture of these structures draw from the well of intuition & the subconscious. Its laws & principles based on a geometry of an inner mathematics who’s equations can only be truly realized through the Artist’s vision. This defies scientific analysis & the conventions of professional design. The curvilinear zoomorphic abstract shapes of its make-up contrast against the rectilinear geometry dominating conventional architecture, one of those exploding heresies that produce a paradigm shift that shatters the conventions of popular thought.

These principles are not just confined to the outer & inner structure of the living space, but can also be applied to the everyday mechanisms of modern living. The nature of these new materials & design philosophy, are such that they can be wrapped around a dish washer, or a refrigerator; A bathroom sink or vanity mirror. They can transform the banal & mundane into something quite majickal, encapsulating & enriching one’s life experience. The creator is truly limited only by the breadth & width of their imagination

Architecture has the most profound, immediate, and far-reaching consequences of any area of human activity. Whereby nature is the sublime thumbprint of a divine intelligence, Housing & Construction are the indelible stain of our species pursuit to control & to dominate our environment.

What Freeform organic design achieves, where no other building discipline before it has, is address our immediate relationship to our natural world. Where Traditional Architectural principles relied heavily on the display of dominance & power of humanity over nature, bio-organic engineering is its very antithesis. These structures are a part of nature & not apart from. It lets the natural world in, not close it out, so that human experience is in symbiosis with the living planet.

World Architectural Building Design

More importantly, these designs are not restricted to the eccentric grass roots owner/builder, they also appeal to the high end corporate market, piquing the interest of Big Government & Big Business. These aesthetics- like any good technology who’s time has arrived can be injected into the mainstream popular landscape. That is not to say that these very same aesthetics cannot be applied in a more conventional building plan. The versatility of this design concept is restricted only by imagination, budget & structural integrity of materials. In time these buildings will be the norm & not on the periphery & the architecture that litters the landscape today will be seen just as our ancestors’ caves are seen now, as archaic, primitive, & most of all-made redundant by a superior living system.


It’s Not Just Rocket Science

Drugs, Sex, Magick & JPL: The Bizarre Story of the Enigmatic Founder of America’s Modern Space Programme .

29. Let her be dedicated, consecrated, blood to blood, heart to heart, mind to mind, single in will, none without the circle, all to me.

30. And she shall wander in the witchwood under the Night of Pan, and know the mysteries of the Goat and the Serpent, and of the children that are hidden away.

—Jack Parsons, Liber 49, 1946

First Rocket Motor Filing at JPL 1936-1937

Jack Parsons was the co-founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL; colloquially dubbed Jack Parson’s Lab). He led the Agape Lodge of Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), and was associated with scientists, thinkers, and writers prominent in their time; Ray Bradbury, L. Ron Hubbard, and Robert A. Heinlein. Jack Parsons’ extracurricular interests included explosives and solid rocket fuels. He was an avid practitioner of magical rituals the likes of which were performed by Anton La Vey, the former head of the Church of Satan in San Francisco, & the notable British Occultist & 33° Freemason Aleister Crowley. A brilliant scientist, & poet with a masterly command of the secret language, Jack Parson’s remains one of the most perplexing & enigmatic figures in the American Space Programme’s modern History.

Crowley, Parsons & Hubbard

It was not until the advent of WWII that Rocket Science had the full interest of Government, albeit only for its military applications. With it Jack Parsons & his rocket research team was allocated much needed funding & support, support that was not entirely financial. The Californian research facility specialized in the expertise of solid rocket propulsion & instrumentation, in conjunction but not in collusion with the Robert Goddard Liquid Fuel experiments being conducted outside of Roswell New Mexico. In Jack Parsons the Jet Propulsion Laboratory gained a highly specialized & unprecedented intelligence into the nature of exotic new technologies.

So important was Parsons to Rocket Science that NASA felt compelled to name a crater on the Moon after him, aptly & rightly, situated on the satellite’s dark side. Paradoxically he remains relatively unknown outside of the small clique of Space Flight devotees, & it is more through his association with Aleister Crowley that his name is heard of, if at all by the wider community. Parsons was the man responsible for the whole space programme, outside of Robert Goddard & Von Braun, yet he remains a relative unknown. The founder of American Rocketry was an Occultist, thereof henceforth cementing rocket science to black magick.

Charles Taz Russel the founder of the Jehovah’s Witness’ postulated that the Apocalypse in the form of an Anarchist-Communist uprising, would begin on October 2nd, 1914, the birth date of Jack Parsons. He claimed that the End of Days as foretold in the Book of Revelations would be ushered in by the emergence of the Anti-Christ & the rebuilding of Babylon the Great. In reference to the Bible, the name for NASA’s Space Programme, Apollo, written as Apollyon is the Old Testament name for the Devil. Subsequently, the occult inspired Nazi’s who developed America’s space programme embedded names such as Mercury, Saturn, Columbia, & Atlantis into the NASA lexicon, names invoking old world Gods.

Aleister Crowley, the self proclaimed beast of Revelations was intrinsically connected to Jack Parsons, the engineer & founder of JPL- the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which was essentially the precursor to NASA. In an isolated stretch of land North of Pasadena, on a 165 acre plot outside of Oruro Seco lays The Californian Institute of Technology known as JPL. Jack Parsons was an enigmatic Cal-Tec chemist who revolutionized rocketry by adding the chemical Potassium Chlorate to the black powder rocket ignition systems common at the time.

Parsons studied Magicianship under Crowley & was said to have been chosen as his successor. He was eventually appointed head of the Pasadena chapter of The Order of the Eastern Temple. The objective of the order was to advance Humanity by contact with Higher Intelligence. The founders of these schools of Western Magical Tradition claim they are in direct communion with said Higher Intelligences who call themselves The Secret Chiefs of the Great White Brotherhood. In one such contact in Cairo on April 1904, Crowley opened a dialogue with an entity called AWAS from which was transcribed the Book of the Law.

In this book, the cannon of western magical practice, AWAS states-

Portrait of Lam
Illustration of Lam by Aleister Crowley

“I am a God of war & vengeance, choose the an island & fortify it, done it about with enginery of war. I will give you a war engine & with it you shall smite the people & none shall stand before you I am the warrior lord of the 40’s…”

& also-

– ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. So with thy all; thou hast no right but to do thy will, there is no law beyond Do what thou wilt. For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect’.
*It is believed that the war engine being referred to was the Tank.

Marjorie Cameron Claimed She Was From Mars

In another communication, this one occurring at Montauk Island New York, Crowley made contact with an entity called Lam, meaning path maker or path finder in the Tibetan language. Crowley’s depiction of this extra-dimensional being resembles the modern day ‘grey’ alien. The narrative concerns a lotus flower looking to the summit of a rough mountain peak where an object shines like the sun on water, a seed that waited replanting. Could this be an allusion to the black monolith depicted in Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey? (Clarke was a 33° freemason.) Lam also speaks of a sudden enlightenment like a lightning flash & makes reference to Mars as the God of war, as the path that will lead to this enlightenment. These themes were adapted in the Blitzkrieg or lightning attacks of WWII & worn as lightning bolts on the uniforms by the officers of the S.S.

Parsons met up with L.Ron Hubbard in Los Angeles in the 1940’s. He imparted his knowledge of Crowelian Magick to Hubbard & the two set about conducting alchemical rituals at the future site of the Palomar Observatory, which runs along the 33° parallel.
This series of special projects conducted in the California desert in 1945-46 were performed by Parsons & Hubbard for the express purpose of opening an inter-dimensional gateway that had been sealed since antiquity. This allowed other inter-dimensional entities called the ‘Old-Ones’ access to our space/time continuum, resulting in extra-dimensional contact.

Marjorie Cameron admitted to participating in a ritual the Babylon Working devised by Parsons, Hubbard & Manhattan Project Scientists at the Los Alamos Atom Bomb Research Unit headed by Robert Oppenheimmer. Cameron claimed Parsons, assisted by Hubbard inseminated her while channelling the spirit of the antichrist.

Jack & Marjorie Cameron in Happier Times

Hubbard would later betray their friendship in a bad business deal & by running off with Marjorie Cameron, then Parsons’ wife. Cameron claimed she originally came from Mars & that the engine AWAS referred to was the Flying disc; that it would spirit her away thus avoiding a catastrophe due to occur on Earth at a future date. Hubbard claimed he was Crowley’s true heir, was working for Naval Intelligence, & went on to become the founder of the Church of Scientology. It was at this time that Parson’s occult work intensified in a series of rituals under Crowley’s tutelage.

The “Babylon Working,” although largely dismissed by conventional historians, was the quintessential moment in modern techno-mysticism — an ephemeral but synchronistic shadow of the explosion that heralded the atomic age.