Eco-City Siberia

Vacationing tourists wanted for Glass Domed Utopia in Russian Freezer.

Deep Beneath Siberia’s Frozen Tundra movers and shakers of the old soviet union maneuver to build their glass domed utopia.  Planned for 2012 its designers envision Eco-City to populate 100,000 people.  Plans were released last month by the Russians for the construction of the underground city in the Mir Diamond mine, the second largest hole on the Planet.  At a quarter of a mile wide and over 1,700ft deep the site is planned as a multi-story megalopolis covered  by a vast glass dome with natural light entering through the central core.   Divided into 3 main levels of vertical farms, residency, recreational areas and forests Eco-City will be encapsulated by a photovoltaic glass dome that will harvest enough solar energy to power the complete development.

mir Diamond Mine Crater
proposed location for eco-city Siberia

A once prosperous and thriving industry, demand  for the Mirny mine’s superior-quality stones was so popular  that diamond giant De Beers was forced to buy them to keep the market artificially inflated.  When the mine closed in 2001, it left behind little more than a tiered hole in the ground reminiscent of some barren alien landscape.  A group of architects from AB Elis Ltd. led by Nickolav Lvutemosiv want to transform the 2 million-square-meter space into a domed metropolis powered by a strong if not short term Siberian summer.

Domed city

The Siberian Winters make the landscape on the surface  inhospitable, and in the Summer it fairs no better. the surface beneath the Earth is a natural insulator from the extreme temperatures, and offers unsurpassed protection and security.  As fantastic as the concept may sound underground housing though novel, is neither new or unique. It was postulated by the science fiction writer Jules Verne in The Underground City and preceded J.R.R  Tolkien in the Hobbit.  Churchill followed during WWII along with the rest of England as they scurried to the Subways and The craft of constructing cities Underground has been quietly gaining momentum since.  As it would have it , underground housing has become a trendy lifestyle choice in extreme environments such as the Australian outback, Tunisia, and North & South Poles.

architectral plans
Eco-city Siberia

There are obvious benefits of underground living. In a world of  regular natural

Domed City proposed for 2020

disasters, it offers resistance to extreme cold and heat, and to hurricanes and tornadoes and everything else nature can throw at the human race. But a more immediate advantage is its energy efficiency. Living underground can conserve up to 80 per cent in energy costs, while solar power can eliminate energy bills in their entirety. Eco-City could very well become the solution to alleviating the urban sprawl that threatens regional ecologies. Coupled with its carbon-neutral status, and year  round growing season, the World has the makings of a perfect eco-solution for people and nature. It offers total privacy, security and earth is a natural sound absorber. What a perfect place to hide. Though one  apparent downside may be the  view or lack of, this is easily solved with skylights, light tubes and virtual windows, and  internet cam feeds to provide any vista that piques the owners’ interest.


Everything You Wanted to Know About Globilisation (but were too afraid to ask)

By promoting environmental catastrophism, & socio\political unrest through the politics of fear, people disillusioned with the old social order, will move to a more radical belief system, accepting precedents that would otherwise never have been tolerated.  Promoting Policies that would erode constitutions & basic human rights.

“For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents to attack the Rockefeller family. For the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political & economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family & me as Internationalists & of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political & economic structure-one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, & I’m proud of it.”
–David Rockefeller “Memoirs”

G20 Protests

Globalisation defines the practice by which provincial markets, societies, and the arts are homogenised through a global network of political concepts through communication, conveyance, and trade. The term however mostly relates to the assimilation of national economies into international markets through trade, direct overseas investment, the flow of capital, migration, technological sprawl, and military presence. Globalisation is typically identified as being motivated by a recipe of economic, technological, socio-cultural, political, and biological elements. The phrase is also related to the transcontinental circulation of ideas, dialects, or popular culture. truth be told Globalisation has actually decreased inter-cultural communications while increasing the possibility of international and domestic conflict.

Globalization involves the establishment of an oligarchy or small privatized governing body within a nation, that imposes laws & regulations that do not interfere with trade & business. It promises the democratization of technology, finance & information by implementing market based solutions through World Bank directed macroeconomic manipulation. Some of these strategies include privatization, deregulation & liberalization of capital markets. It is spearheaded by the 8 largest industrialized nations of the world. The International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization are the 3 international agencies pushing for Free-Trade expansion.

The problem with Globalization & its programmes of privatization is that it does not work. If a nation in crisis is seeking financial assistance from the

World Bank, the first condition imposed is a radical restructuring of the economy. The nation seeking aid must support international agencies which enforce the new International order. The World bank offers a structural assistance programme rife with conditions, on average 111. Some of these include: the removal of restrictions on ownership of bonds, & any restrictions that impede the movement of money across borders so capital may flow in & out; & the restructuring of businesses resulting in massive job losses, & cuts to pensions. Interest rates begin to rise, & when they can’t rise anymore, the country’s assets are sold off to pay out creditors, bankrupting the economy, which leads to a price-hike in domestic goods. The country goes into receivership & falls into the hands of foreign investors.

It was these market based solutions that the International Monetary fund applied to the Aids epidemic in Tanzania, purportedly a laboratory manufactured pathogen deliberately introduced to the 3rd world population by exponents of population reduction. Their solution was to abolish the Tanzanian government’s policy of providing free health care to the 1.4 million people infected with HIV\AIDS. In Brazil, its electric company fell into the receivership of French, British & American owners by default, who doubled the price of electricity. In neighboring Ecuador part of the World Bank’s poverty reduction strategy involved reducing wages nation-wide by half, hiking the price of domestic goods & handing over a license for a trans-Andes pipeline to a foreign company, namely British Petroleum.

The same processes of deregulation & privatization of civil services were implemented in Britain under Thatcherism, where the price for gas & electricity rose 60 & 70% respectively. It was tried in California where in 1 year the wholesale electricity market rose 380%. Unperturbed, Globalization also moved to India where it inevitably failed, then Pakistan resulting in a military coup, followed by Chile where it also failed, and then to Russia plunging it into a depression. China’s decision to reject the World Bank’s aid package however, resulted in the tremendous economic growth that it continuous to experience today, as does Botswana, the only African nation to refuse financial assistance from the International Monetary Fund & its ilk.

“I believe that if the people of this nation fully understood what congress has done to them over the last 49 years, they would move on Washington; they would not wait for an election. It adds up to a preconceived plan to destroy the economic & social independence of the United States.”

Globalisation’s basic precept dictates that; to cut the cost of energy you have to raise the prices, to cure diseases you raise the price of healthcare, & to repair a stalled economy, you remove controls on the export of capital, which is all well & good for the owners & providers of these commodities but no one else. But you won’t hear this from the mainstream media who all agree that globalization is good for business & good for business it is. The wealth of the world’s 500 or so billionaires is greater than the combined income of half of the world’s poor. Professor Joseph Stiglitz, the former chief economist of the World Bank & the man who devised Globalization’s market based solutions has admitted that Globalization doesn’t work. He has since co-won the Nobel Prize in economics.

Anamorphic Architecture

Zoomorphic Housing
Roger Dean Mushroom House

If you were an amoeba, your neighborhood was a healthy human body & your job was to travel around this body, what sort of day would you have?

There are no straight lines in Nature & this is never more prevalent than in the free-form organic machinations of Bio-organic architects.

Houses that look like mushrooms, that crawl across the ground like Moss. These extra terrestrial


living spaces that seem to have materialized out of alchemical spells gone awry are in fact very human & closer to the natural world than first appearances might suggest. Not unlike cellular growth, these houses are designed & built so that they follow the basic principles of nature. A House or living space to the Organic Architect should grow out of the natural environment like a plant or animal, & blend with its surroundings, not stick out of the ground like a foreign object.


These zoomorphic environments that incorporate fractal principles; that lean toward an alchemical geometry, are not only possible but a practical alternative to the increasingly inhospitable design of today’s living spaces. New materials such as sprayable concrete, fero-cement, paper-crete & foam core rebar combined with a system of inflatable forms are bringing these decidedly abstract freeform organic houses to life. This is a building system that affords structural design the ability to disappear into the wilderness so completely that it is not just bio-mimicry but symbiosis.Free Form Architecture

The freeform organic design movement, like most that fly in the face of convention has its advocates as well as its detractors. Bio-organic architecture has its roots in the works of artist architects Antonio Gaudi, Hector Guimard & Baron Victor Horta-all leading figures in the Art Nouveau movement. Later this tree would bear fruit through the works of Roger & Martin Dean, who’s anamorphic alien constructs were made popular by bands Yes, Osibisa & Rare Earth.

K.Kellog & Eugene Tsui incorporate a system of compositional hybridization into the software of their design processes creating post modern eclectic living systems that employ wood, stone & other natural resources into their aesthetic. Peter Vetsch a Swiss Designer who’s rap sheet reads like the hide of the Illustrated Man, boasts the largest number of built structures, having developed a whole community. Vetsch is the more conservative of the movement, & as such is most revered by the Architectural mainstream. His buildings are also the most publically accessible, given that he makes limited use of inner fixtures & furnishings, allowing the Resident freer voice in shaping their living environment.

Roger Dean Inspired
Zoomorphic Living Environments

The intellectual technology involved in the design & manufacture of these structures draw from the well of intuition & the subconscious. Its laws & principles based on a geometry of an inner mathematics who’s equations can only be truly realized through the Artist’s vision. This defies scientific analysis & the conventions of professional design. The curvilinear zoomorphic abstract shapes of its make-up contrast against the rectilinear geometry dominating conventional architecture, one of those exploding heresies that produce a paradigm shift that shatters the conventions of popular thought.

These principles are not just confined to the outer & inner structure of the living space, but can also be applied to the everyday mechanisms of modern living. The nature of these new materials & design philosophy, are such that they can be wrapped around a dish washer, or a refrigerator; A bathroom sink or vanity mirror. They can transform the banal & mundane into something quite majickal, encapsulating & enriching one’s life experience. The creator is truly limited only by the breadth & width of their imagination

Architecture has the most profound, immediate, and far-reaching consequences of any area of human activity. Whereby nature is the sublime thumbprint of a divine intelligence, Housing & Construction are the indelible stain of our species pursuit to control & to dominate our environment.

What Freeform organic design achieves, where no other building discipline before it has, is address our immediate relationship to our natural world. Where Traditional Architectural principles relied heavily on the display of dominance & power of humanity over nature, bio-organic engineering is its very antithesis. These structures are a part of nature & not apart from. It lets the natural world in, not close it out, so that human experience is in symbiosis with the living planet.

World Architectural Building Design

More importantly, these designs are not restricted to the eccentric grass roots owner/builder, they also appeal to the high end corporate market, piquing the interest of Big Government & Big Business. These aesthetics- like any good technology who’s time has arrived can be injected into the mainstream popular landscape. That is not to say that these very same aesthetics cannot be applied in a more conventional building plan. The versatility of this design concept is restricted only by imagination, budget & structural integrity of materials. In time these buildings will be the norm & not on the periphery & the architecture that litters the landscape today will be seen just as our ancestors’ caves are seen now, as archaic, primitive, & most of all-made redundant by a superior living system.


The Voynich Manuscript: A Graceful Conundrum

To this day The Voynich Manuscript remains both a medieval masterpiece  and  historical anomaly that has  baffled and bedevil all those who have been drawn to its mystery.

Spoken of in esoteric literature with all the reverence of a newly discovered alchemical formula and all the vehemence associated with the Shroud of Turin and its validity. There are those who claim it is a fake.  The manuscript, written entirely  in long hand in a script that has never been deciphered or identified in any other medieval text remains the only one in existence and as such has lead many to question its credibility.  Its Author has never been identified.

The 4oo year old tome believed to have been made between 1404 and 1438, in itself  is over 270 pages long and is embellished with more than 150 coloured illustrations of Astronomical diagrams, Botanical drawings and what appear to be Alchemical pictographs. It is a small book approximately 10×7 and 2 1/2  inches thick, of extraordinary water-colour drawings of plants and herbs hitherto unseen in catalogs of that period. With the inclusion of suffixes and prefixes and instances of identifiable grammar, the most sophisticated computer analysis has determined that the Voynich script appears as technically consistent as real language.

The manuscript  was written in a code that has continued to baffle cryptographers since it first surfaced at the Court of Rudolf II of Bohemia in 1586. Emperor Rudolf , excesses aside is renowned for his collection of natural and cultural artifacts that he kept in a vast private museum, as well as acquiring the most detailed manuscript catalog of its kind.   Regarding its authenticity there is no question.  Carbon dating tests conducted by Researchers at the University of Arizona in 2009. In addition, the McCrone Research Institute in Chicago found that much of the ink was added not long after-wards, confirming its medieval origins. It is the fact that it was written in no known alphabet of which the manuscript remains the only known example which makes the undecipherable book an enigma. The inability of Astrologers, Alchemists and cryptographers that populated medieval Europe at the time and WWII code breakers, both American & British to crack the elusive code, that has lead to its incredulity by mainstream academia.

The illustrated book is named after the Polish-American Book dealer Wilfred M. Voynich who acquired it in 1912.  The Manuscript was delivered to Rudolf II by an unidentified courier who sold the book for 300 ducats, the equivalent of $14000au today.  A note glued to the inside of the book states it  once belonged to the private library of P. Petrus Beckx S.J.  After the Court collapsed in 1619 it passed on to the Court’s Botanist.  Upon his death it passed on to an anonymous collector and there it remained for 20 years.  A faded signature on the first page quotes the name Jacobus de Tepenec, who turned out to be a courtier of Rudolf II.  The MS changed hands several times during this period to various men of renown including Marci, and his benefactor Georgius Barschius, and  the famous polymath Kircher who studied artificial languages.  Kircher later joined the Jesuits and is believed to have donated the MS along with several others in his collection to the order.  There it remained on a shelf in a library in the south of Rome until 1912 when it came into the possession of  Wilfred Voynich. Voynich died in 1931, and Ethel Voynich, his widow, inherited the MS, handing it down to Miss Anne Nill, who was formerly Voynich’s secretary.  The Voynich Manuscript is now housed in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University.

There have been many attempts throughout the Book’s history by laymen and professionals alike to unravel its code.  Voynich himself embarked on a campaign to establish that the Voynich MS was a major document in the history of science. He was convinced that it was written by Roger Bacon.  Supported by two scientists who thought that they could read the MS, Voynich presented it in 1921 at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.    William Newbury in the 1920’s claimed he had completely deciphered the text, but it was found upon scrutiny that his conclusions though sincere, were completely misguided and driven by delusion.   The most comprehensive and scholarly of these studies however is by Mary d’Imperio. Her book titled ‘The Voynich Manuscript: An Elegant Enigma  (Cryptographic Series, no. 27)’  is part of The National Security Agency’s catalog and is available through the Central Security Office Fort Meade  Maryland.

In investigating the origins of the manuscript one has to understand the era in which it was borne and the people populating it.   Most  notably the English Mathematician Dr. John Dee: The Queen’s Conjurer. Born in 1527.  He was also an Astrologer, Astronomer, Hermetic Philosopher, Navigator, Cartographer and Spy.  Dee often signed his intelligence documents with the moniker 007 and is the originator of the famous Ian Fleming character.  Dee’s high status as a scholar (in his life time he amassed the largest library in Europe) allowed him enter Elizabethan politics and was made confidante to Queen Elizabeth I. A Master linguist adept in Greek, Latin and Hebrew.  He was the quintessential magician, the model For Shakespeare’s Prospero and Goethe’s Faust.

Dee’s accomplice was a dangerous and disruptive man called Edward Kelly.   A scoundrel by all accounts he was the very flip-side to Dee’s personality.  He had looted a catholic monastery in Wales before visiting Dee aquiring a book entitled the Gospel of St Dunstable.  Enter the Steganographia of Johannes Trithemius (1462-1516), a 15C manuscript written in a coded language that Dee believed to be a repository of hidden arcane knowledge and the first work on cryptography. Dee copied the Steganographia while in Paris.  This story is verified in the notes of Dee’s son Arthur who writes, during this period his father concentrated his time deciphering a book covered in hieroglyphics.

In August 1584 Dee and Kelly entered Prague for an audience with Rudolf II, Bohemia’s ruler.  Rudolf’s penchant for the bizarre entertained the thought of a trusted advisor of a political rival, namely the protestant Queen Elizabeth I seeking audience with the ruler of the Holy Roman Empire.  He recieved his      visitors with astonishment and intrigue.

Medieval Cypher Manuscript
Steganographia of Trithemius

It is possible that Dee and Kelly contrived the manuscript which they sold to the court of Rudolf II in Bohemia (now Prague).  Cursory analysis of Dee’s Diaries in relation to the hand written codes do point to Dee as having written the page numbers on the top corners of the manuscript however, scholars are quick to point out this may only mean Dee collated the pages of the book and not necessarily written it himself.

Unearthly Territory: The enigma that was John Dee

The Queen's Conjurer
By Henry Gillard Glindoni

The Holy Roman Empire of the 16th Century spanned most of Northern Europe. The Kingdom was ruled by a disreputable volatile man whose patronage was afforded to Alchemists, Conjurers, and a private contingent of dwarfs.  In the uneasy balance of power between the catholic and protestant churches, the support of the mad King Rudolf’s court, was of utmost importance to the Papacy and to Rome.

It was a time of enormous change in Europe with the church still drunk on the fat of the bodies thrown into the fires of Torquemada’s Inquisition.  The rest of Europe slowly crawled up from its knees and out of the dark ages in an era when the veils between Science and Sorcery were tenuously thin. Paradoxically, in a time when even mathematics was viewed as black magick, Europe emerged as a brave new world at the forefront of scientific and philosophical inquiry, giving rise to one of the great ages of learning and discovery, known today as the Renaissance.

England was then ruled by the catholic Queen Mary Tudor. Her protestant half-sister Elizabeth was held under house arrest in Oxfordshire.  Elizabeth asked Dee to cast her and Mary’s horoscopes, then a dangerous undertaking lest he be seen as contriving and manipulating the fates of monarchs.  Dee risking a charge of high treason agreed. His Horoscopes foretold Elizabeth would come to the throne and enjoy a long and glorious reign. Mary’s fate however did not look so favorable.

The Queen's Conjuror
Portrait of Dee artist unknown

When the Horoscopes were discovered Dee was thrown into gaol.

The early rule of Queen Elizabeth I was marred by ill health, almost dying 3 times in the first 10 years of her sovereignty.  Still she enjoyed a long and glorious period in power as Dee had predicted. Upon gaining the throne Dee was released and appointed her Royal Astrologer. Elizabeth asked him to choose a suitable date for her coronation that was astrologically conducive .

Dee found favor in Elizabeth’s court. His expertise in navigation and his knowledge of its instrumentation, coupled with his extensive library of maps, helped spearhead England’s Golden Age of Discovery.  So profound was his influence that the term British Empire was attributed to Him having first pronounced it.

Dee was inspired by men like Copernicus and was convinced there were unseen forces governing the way the physical world worked.  Dee’s voracious pursuit of these secrets would lead him into an Escher-esque unreality that neither men of science or faith visited.

Edward Kelly brought a destructive influence to Mortlake, Dee’s home on the river Thames, and Dee’s wife detested him. A scoundrel by all accounts he was the shadow of Dee’s personality. But it was through Kelly that Dee was able to peer into the supra-dimensional world of the Ether. Complimenting Kelly’s arrival was The Steganographia of Johannes Trithemius (1462-1516), a 15C cookbook of coded languages that Dee believed to possess hidden secret intelligences. It was the first work on cryptography and the manual for which every code was developed since.  Dee transcribed the Tome in his own writing.

Faust by Rembrandt

Through Kelly, Dee was afforded a window into a reality where ordinarily one may see protons, neurons and electrical charges, in a universe of microbes, bacilli and virus’. What Dee was privy too were the personalities of those forces of nature and how they worked.  After having been given license by the Queen to pursue his work unimpeded by the prejudices of the Church, Dee and Kelly pursued a course with all the voracity of men obsessed.  Not only did they want to understand the hidden mechanisms that operated the world, but they sought the keys to unlock the very blue prints that created it.

During these experiments which Dee recorded in his diaries both he and Kelly identified 70 differing forces of varying negative, neutral and positive charges. The most outstanding of these was the element Madini whose discovery and correspondences would not only influence the lives of Dee, Kelly and their respective families but shape the course of Alchemical history forever.

In 1582 at Mortlake on the River Thames, The Home and Studio of Dr John Dee and his family is visited by The Polish Prince Laskey.  Laskey contrives his way into Dee’s confidence and attends his experiments. also in attendance is Kelly. who’s family are sharing tenancy at Mortlake.  Laskey’s presence raised suspicion among Queen Elizabeth’s Intelligencia who were dispatched to Dee’s residence by stealth to surveil his behavior.  This was a very dangerous time for the young Protestant  monarch who’s court was surrounded by Catholics loyal to the Church, whose appetite for empire as history attests surpassed that of her own.  Dee Her trusted adviser-!  Her Nobel Intelligencia was not only dabbling in the activities which set fires raging across Europe but also cavorted with a rival in an age when assassination was a tenet of international politics.

Mortlake was under constant surveillance, and the tension inside was palpable.  Through their experiments and their correspondences with the entity known as Madini Dee, Kelly and their families fled the estate for a 6 month voyage to Poland under the patronage of Prince Laskey.  Dee was convinced Elizabeth’s chief Spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham was plotting his ruin.  Upon their escape Walsingham’s informants ransacked Dee’s Laboratory and Library.

Alchemist in Laboratory
Medieval Alchemy

Once in Warsaw Dee and Kelly continued a series of experiments they called the Angelic Conversations.  The Correspondences intensified culminating in the development of the Enochian Language, purported to be the first language spoken after the Biblical Flood.  This language is not derived from any known alphabet but a peculiar set of characters unique unto itself. Over 3000 words have been defined in Enochian.

The Enochian language was created to express the primal essence of things.  A guttural language when spoken, almost barbarous in its intonation, based on an alphabet of 22 letters It is a system with its own words, grammar and syntax.  While resembling no known tongue, it is a system of recording and communicating unto itself.

The development of Enochian began on March 26, 1583, when Kelley started receiving what became the first corpus of texts.   Kelley reported having been given  21 letters uniquely characteristic to the alphabet.  This resulted in the book Liber Loagaeth. The book consists of 49 letter tables, made of 49 x 49 letters. Each table has a  reverse side- making 98 49×49 Tables collectively.  The corresponding set of Enochian characters was translated to Kelley in Krakow the following year. Their importance is paramount because they are complimented with English translations, providing the basis for the Enochian vocabulary. The texts comprise 48 poetic verses, which Dee describes as “Claves Angelicae”, or “Angelic Keys”.  These Keys that are assigned certain functions were to be used by Dee to ‘open’ the 49 tables in the Liber Loagaeth. Dee believed that hidden within these tables were the formulas that governed the way in which the universe was constructed, the frame work of creation, and the power by which we were all made.

Recreation of Alchemical Laboratory

With the dictation of the Enochian tables complete Dee and Kelly were instructed to visit the court of  Rudolph II, the ruler of Bohemia and the Holy Roman Empire.  An act that could be seen as High Treason in the eyes of Queen Elizabeth I.  In August 1584 John Dee entered Prague to confront the Ruler of the Holy Roman Empire and rebuke him for his transgressions. Dee issued the Patriarch an ultimatum, that unless he take heed of this revelation and renounce his excursions into the bizarre, by divine right he would be pushed off his thrown and his kingdom dissolved. Rudolf largely dismissed the warnings and would have extradited the magician back to England had it not been for the one thing Rudolf wanted that he believed Dee could deliver him.

With advances in metallurgy and chemistry, the lure of the Philosopher’s Stone and the alchemical secret of converting lead into gold, proved too much of a temptation for Rudolf.  Although he mostly dismissed Dee’s warnings he allowed him and Kelly to stay in Bohemia and establish an alchemical laboratory.  When Kelly first arrived at Mortlake he had with him a bag of red powder (possibly red mercury) he said he stole from an ancient sight in Glastonbury.  He believed it was the vital ingredient in the transmutation of  base metals into Gold.

Rumors they had succeeded spread throughout Europe making Elizabeth I nervous, she demanded they return home to make gold for England.  When the

Alchemical Illustration

Pope heard Dee had been granted audience with Rudolf he dispatched spies to Prague to investigate.  The papal authorities regarded Dee with more than suspicion, they resented his presence and embarked on a character assassination campaign in the hopes of expelling him from the country.  Dee was labeled a manipulator and accused of subverting Rudolf and precipitating the fall of the Church.  They accused him of contriving to engineer the redundancy of their Holy Orders and the station of the Pope.  Pope Sixtus sent a letter to Rudolf  accusing Dee of being a Black Magician and demanded he be expelled.

Papal ambassadors made repeated demands to question Dee and examine the various paraphernalia housed in his laboratory.  When the Pope demanded they be sent to Rome to face the Inquisition, they refused.   Rudolf was under extreme pressure from the Pope to capitulate. He believed Dee and Kelly were on the verge of finding the key to the philosopher’s stone but wouldn’t openly defy the Pope.  He secretly installed Dee, Kelly and their families in secret laboratories in the town of Trebon, at Rozmberk Castle. There the experiments intensified and Both Dee and Kelly are pushed to exhaustion and their health suffers. Conflicts ensue.

Example of Enochian alphabet

Kelly is only concerned with the material rewards the philosopher’s stone will grant. Dee returned to England in 1589 desperately short of money, with his wife pregnant with the product of her unholy union with Kelly.  Dee never questioned the validity of his investigations, the thought that he had been defrauded by Kelly never entered his mind.  Dr John Dee died in 1608 having never completely deciphered the Enochian language, and one is left with the feeling that much of his work was left unfinished.   Even so Modern Science has shown Dee’s instincts were fundamentally correct.  Scientists have now discovered that there are unseen forces that govern the physical world, and today the Enochian language has become a system for affecting change in the outside world by means of will. Dee’s attempts to discover the secrets of the universe came to naught, but what is left behind is inexplicable, an enigma, a mystery.m, Dee is after something much deeper, a map into an unearthly territory whose reward is intangible. Their experiments fail and after a 7 year partnership they separate.  Kelly is invited to work directly for Rudolf in Prague. inexplicably word spreads that he has discovered the secret to producing the Philosopher’s Stone.  He was made a Baron, given a castle and lived a life of excess.  His reputation proceeds him, word spreads through Europe and reaches Queen Elizabeth, who sends spies who try to entice him back.  Unfortunately his fame is short lived, unable to produce the copious quantities of Gold that Rudolf craves he is thrown in prison.  Kelly died attempting to escape from prison taking with him the truth behind the discovery of the formula for converting base metals into Gold.

It’s Not Just Rocket Science

Drugs, Sex, Magick & JPL: The Bizarre Story of the Enigmatic Founder of America’s Modern Space Programme .

29. Let her be dedicated, consecrated, blood to blood, heart to heart, mind to mind, single in will, none without the circle, all to me.

30. And she shall wander in the witchwood under the Night of Pan, and know the mysteries of the Goat and the Serpent, and of the children that are hidden away.

—Jack Parsons, Liber 49, 1946

First Rocket Motor Filing at JPL 1936-1937

Jack Parsons was the co-founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL; colloquially dubbed Jack Parson’s Lab). He led the Agape Lodge of Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), and was associated with scientists, thinkers, and writers prominent in their time; Ray Bradbury, L. Ron Hubbard, and Robert A. Heinlein. Jack Parsons’ extracurricular interests included explosives and solid rocket fuels. He was an avid practitioner of magical rituals the likes of which were performed by Anton La Vey, the former head of the Church of Satan in San Francisco, & the notable British Occultist & 33° Freemason Aleister Crowley. A brilliant scientist, & poet with a masterly command of the secret language, Jack Parson’s remains one of the most perplexing & enigmatic figures in the American Space Programme’s modern History.

Crowley, Parsons & Hubbard

It was not until the advent of WWII that Rocket Science had the full interest of Government, albeit only for its military applications. With it Jack Parsons & his rocket research team was allocated much needed funding & support, support that was not entirely financial. The Californian research facility specialized in the expertise of solid rocket propulsion & instrumentation, in conjunction but not in collusion with the Robert Goddard Liquid Fuel experiments being conducted outside of Roswell New Mexico. In Jack Parsons the Jet Propulsion Laboratory gained a highly specialized & unprecedented intelligence into the nature of exotic new technologies.

So important was Parsons to Rocket Science that NASA felt compelled to name a crater on the Moon after him, aptly & rightly, situated on the satellite’s dark side. Paradoxically he remains relatively unknown outside of the small clique of Space Flight devotees, & it is more through his association with Aleister Crowley that his name is heard of, if at all by the wider community. Parsons was the man responsible for the whole space programme, outside of Robert Goddard & Von Braun, yet he remains a relative unknown. The founder of American Rocketry was an Occultist, thereof henceforth cementing rocket science to black magick.

Charles Taz Russel the founder of the Jehovah’s Witness’ postulated that the Apocalypse in the form of an Anarchist-Communist uprising, would begin on October 2nd, 1914, the birth date of Jack Parsons. He claimed that the End of Days as foretold in the Book of Revelations would be ushered in by the emergence of the Anti-Christ & the rebuilding of Babylon the Great. In reference to the Bible, the name for NASA’s Space Programme, Apollo, written as Apollyon is the Old Testament name for the Devil. Subsequently, the occult inspired Nazi’s who developed America’s space programme embedded names such as Mercury, Saturn, Columbia, & Atlantis into the NASA lexicon, names invoking old world Gods.

Aleister Crowley, the self proclaimed beast of Revelations was intrinsically connected to Jack Parsons, the engineer & founder of JPL- the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which was essentially the precursor to NASA. In an isolated stretch of land North of Pasadena, on a 165 acre plot outside of Oruro Seco lays The Californian Institute of Technology known as JPL. Jack Parsons was an enigmatic Cal-Tec chemist who revolutionized rocketry by adding the chemical Potassium Chlorate to the black powder rocket ignition systems common at the time.

Parsons studied Magicianship under Crowley & was said to have been chosen as his successor. He was eventually appointed head of the Pasadena chapter of The Order of the Eastern Temple. The objective of the order was to advance Humanity by contact with Higher Intelligence. The founders of these schools of Western Magical Tradition claim they are in direct communion with said Higher Intelligences who call themselves The Secret Chiefs of the Great White Brotherhood. In one such contact in Cairo on April 1904, Crowley opened a dialogue with an entity called AWAS from which was transcribed the Book of the Law.

In this book, the cannon of western magical practice, AWAS states-

Portrait of Lam
Illustration of Lam by Aleister Crowley

“I am a God of war & vengeance, choose the an island & fortify it, done it about with enginery of war. I will give you a war engine & with it you shall smite the people & none shall stand before you I am the warrior lord of the 40’s…”

& also-

– ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. So with thy all; thou hast no right but to do thy will, there is no law beyond Do what thou wilt. For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect’.
*It is believed that the war engine being referred to was the Tank.

Marjorie Cameron Claimed She Was From Mars

In another communication, this one occurring at Montauk Island New York, Crowley made contact with an entity called Lam, meaning path maker or path finder in the Tibetan language. Crowley’s depiction of this extra-dimensional being resembles the modern day ‘grey’ alien. The narrative concerns a lotus flower looking to the summit of a rough mountain peak where an object shines like the sun on water, a seed that waited replanting. Could this be an allusion to the black monolith depicted in Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey? (Clarke was a 33° freemason.) Lam also speaks of a sudden enlightenment like a lightning flash & makes reference to Mars as the God of war, as the path that will lead to this enlightenment. These themes were adapted in the Blitzkrieg or lightning attacks of WWII & worn as lightning bolts on the uniforms by the officers of the S.S.

Parsons met up with L.Ron Hubbard in Los Angeles in the 1940’s. He imparted his knowledge of Crowelian Magick to Hubbard & the two set about conducting alchemical rituals at the future site of the Palomar Observatory, which runs along the 33° parallel.
This series of special projects conducted in the California desert in 1945-46 were performed by Parsons & Hubbard for the express purpose of opening an inter-dimensional gateway that had been sealed since antiquity. This allowed other inter-dimensional entities called the ‘Old-Ones’ access to our space/time continuum, resulting in extra-dimensional contact.

Marjorie Cameron admitted to participating in a ritual the Babylon Working devised by Parsons, Hubbard & Manhattan Project Scientists at the Los Alamos Atom Bomb Research Unit headed by Robert Oppenheimmer. Cameron claimed Parsons, assisted by Hubbard inseminated her while channelling the spirit of the antichrist.

Jack & Marjorie Cameron in Happier Times

Hubbard would later betray their friendship in a bad business deal & by running off with Marjorie Cameron, then Parsons’ wife. Cameron claimed she originally came from Mars & that the engine AWAS referred to was the Flying disc; that it would spirit her away thus avoiding a catastrophe due to occur on Earth at a future date. Hubbard claimed he was Crowley’s true heir, was working for Naval Intelligence, & went on to become the founder of the Church of Scientology. It was at this time that Parson’s occult work intensified in a series of rituals under Crowley’s tutelage.

The “Babylon Working,” although largely dismissed by conventional historians, was the quintessential moment in modern techno-mysticism — an ephemeral but synchronistic shadow of the explosion that heralded the atomic age.

Möbius Symmetry

Symmetry dictates chemical reactions and drives a number of fundamental scientific levers, including crystallography and spectroscopy.   It is one of its most pivotal and central concepts, supporting such physical phenomena as the conservation laws and selection rules that govern the transition of a system from one state to another.

A system feature or property that is preserved when the system undergoes a change is defined as symmetry in the discipline of science.  In

mobius symmetry
by M.C.Escher Describing the Mobius strip

1858 German mathematician August Möbius discovered the topological phenomenon he coined Möbius symmetry– A half-twisted strip with two surfaces but only one side. Scientists have been searching for an example of this in natural materials since It’s discovery without any success.    As  demonstrated by artist M.C. Escher in the composition “parade of ants,” one can negotiate the “inside” and “outside” surfaces of a Möbius strip without crossing over an edge.

Now with the proliferation of meta-materials scientific research teams have discovered Möbius symmetry.  These materials, have been engineered from artificial “atoms” and “molecules” and possess electromagnetic properties that arise from their structure rather than their chemical composition. In a study led by

Mobius Symmetry
Professor Xiang Zhang

, a scientist at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and a professor at the University of California (UC) Berkeley electro-magnetic Möbius symmetry was successfully introduced into composite meta-molecular systems made from metals and dielectrics.

What Professor Zhang’s team have observed through their meticulous studies is a new topological symmetry in electromagnetic meta-material systems that is equivalent to the structural symmetry of a Möbius strip, with the number of twists controlled by sign changes in the electromagnetic coupling between the meta-atoms. Professor Zhang states that research into this science has further demonstrated that meta-materials with different coupling signs exhibit resonance frequencies that depend on the number but not the locations of the twists. This confirms the topological nature of the symmetry.”  This discovery opens the door to finding and exploiting novel phenomena in meta-materials.

Configured as coupled split-ring resonators metallic resonant meta-atoms, were assembled into identical trimmers. Through careful design of the electromagnetic couplings between the constituent meta-atoms, these trimers displayed Möbius cyclic symmetry through three rotations of 120 degrees. The Möbius twists result from a change in the signs of the electromagnetic coupling constants between the constituent meta-atoms.

“The topological Möbius symmetry we found in our meta-molecule trimers is a new symmetry not found in naturally occurring materials or molecules.” Zhang says. “Since the coupling constants of metamolecules can be arbitrarily varied from positive to negative without any constraints, the number of Möbius twists we can introduce are unlimited. This means that topological structures that have thus far been limited to mathematical imagination can now be realized using metamolecules of different designs.” A perfect example of how the principles of the Möbius strip can be applied to the physical world is in the proposed national library building for Kazakhstan.  The outer envelope of the structure  surpasses architectural design principles in its relationships between wall and ceiling.  The wall becomes the roof which becomes the floor, which seamlessly becomes roof again.

mobius car
mobius symmetry

Another example of applied principles of the Möbius strip,can be found in Designer Tommaso Gecchelin’s Möbius car.

mobius car
Tommaso Gecchelin’s Möbius car

The continuous, bent symmetry translates well to automotive design, and features a body that uses the concept of the Möbius strip to unify the interior and exterior in a unique and uncanny way. The twisting strip that is accessorized with the latest OLED screens wraped around the body further serve to integrate the interior with the exterior by bringing the outside in.

NEW NATIONAL LIBRARY; Astana, Kazakhstan; Architect: BIG–Bjarke Ingles Group;Collaborators: ARUP AGU; Client: Kazakhstan Presidential Office.

National Library Design
National library Khazakstan

Shape Memory And Iron Palladium Alloys

D.A.R.P.A logo

In a highly ambitious materials development study commissioned by The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), experiments conducted by materials scientists for the American military are successfully creating metals that can not only change shape upon the application of an energy field, but can autonomously ‘self-actuate’, producing intelligent alloys that have their own memory and motion capabilities.

DARPA identifies the research as the Development of Compact Hybrid Actuators based on Ferromagnetic Poly-crystal (Fe-Pd) material, & describes the product as “a robust compact actuator based on polycrystalline ferromagnetic shape memory alloy (FSMA) materials.“ Other possible smart materials technologies being explored for integration into military systems include shape memory alloys, piezoelectric actuators, magneto-rheological fluids and solids, self-healing polymers and coatings.

The goal is to develop and exhibit workable composite materials and processes to sustain the manufacture of multiple military morphing applications. The Military intends to develop a template prototype for improved function in vehicle bodies ready for integration with their existing hardware for operational use. In the process, DARPA are applying a specialized catalogue of smart materials technologies, such as shape memory polymers, self-actuating composites, and dynamic syntactic foams. They also employ smart materials, engineering design, fabrication, and other supporting technologies to meet the goals and requirements of the military industrial complex.

Called Iron-Palladium alloys, these metals possess super-elasticity & shape-shifting capabilities, augmented further by the integration of more ‘intelligent’

Nokia Shape memory phone

components into the alloy, allows it to generate its own energy field to reshape. The metal itself incorporates an ‘electromagnetic driving unit’ and a ‘position sensor with a central unit.’ The Fe-Pd spring actuator is just 15cm in length by a diameter of 3 cm, yet this spring will become an intelligent autonomous machine with a remarkable tensile strength for its own ‘shape memory’.

Optimized for best performance around one operating point & similar in architecture to biological systems, these new actuators are like individual elements arranged in parallel-series assemblies, but use very different building blocks. Upon the generation of an electric current or magnetic field these alloys will, with no moving parts, change shape & rapidly. They are termed ‘compact hybrid actuators’, or ‘living metals’ & are designed to mimic living systems in their versatility and dynamism through the integration of advanced nano-technologies. DARPA’s smart structures engineering team are focused on integrating multiple smart material technologies with conventional actuation mechanisms, and on developing realistic morphing structure concepts for theatre applications. The research will help define near-term morphing abilities, help identify the next enabling materials technologies necessary to round out structural morphing composites, and predict the exponential growth of morphing capabilities.

Shape memory car

With the use of combustible fuel sources, the small elements comprising the actuation system achieve high power and energy density, allowing efficient energy conversion via oscillatory and resonant processes. Rather than by valves or power transistors, the power produced is modulated at the individual element level, providing effective efficient power output with less input. Mass production methods via a use of modular architecture where many similar or identical elements are used, allows cost effective manufacture as well as economies of scale. This approach, characterized by the use of many elements systematically interconnected in terms of structure, physical effort, and information is termed Organismic Systems by the scientific community & incorporates the basic principles of nano-technology.

These metals built at the molecular level are essentially machines with complex internal systems & structures that mimic organic ones. The metal alloy actuators are essentially autonomous, the nano-machines incorporated into the metal alloys utilize energy sources at the ‘individual’ level & assign the material characteristics generally attributed to extraterrestrial craft. There are many magnetic anomalies reported by witnesses and researchers that ascribe certain attributes to this material, that have a connection with UFO technology. and a correlation between changing form and magnetic field effects appears to be an important consideration.

Shape memory wing foil

Their potential application for the U.S. military has driven them to funding a variety of related research programs exploring the full range of options proposed by private-sector aerospace consortiums including Boeing, M.I.T., Moog and Lockheed Martin in conjunction with several university departments in receipt of grants from the U.S. Military. The entire project is endorsed by the US Army Research Office, the Office Of Naval Research, NASA Langley Research Center, & the Space Operations Vehicle Technology Office, AFRL/VAS at Wright Patterson AFB.

Some of the projects being explored include: the research & development of assault vehicles with self-repairing armored shells that react like living organisms with noise cancellation capabilities to ‘cloak’ them on an auditory level; in-flight navigation, guidance and control systems for smart bombs that lie dormant, that can identify a target through face recognition; shape-changing bombers that transform into jet fighters, including morphing aeroforms in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and fighter aircraft; advanced optical systems for satellite technology, as well as sonar-absorbing materials for submarines with respect to the sonar deductibility of torpedoes; & ‘exo-skeletons’ incorporating neural transmission technologies between the soldier’s brain waves and his living metal smart skin.

The power to drive the actuators is portable, and could be worn like a back-pack by soldiers. Like ‘nano-technology’ designed at a molecular level, the intelligent ‘biological’ actuators have purpose-built machines within them. Placed in the context of brain implants that can pick up neurological information directly, this information could then readily be transferred to the ‘morphing metal’ interface that will be capable of adapting to the complex commands delivered by the brain. other applications include the development of prosthetic limbs made of these alloys that receive direct instruction from the wearer’s brain, & behave like real limbs & muscles.

Nitinol invented by metallurgist William Buehler

Highly specialized privatized materials research companies, commissioned to develop this technology, in their design and engineering efforts will focus on integrating new adaptive materials technologies into standard composite armatures. CRG are developing a preliminary prototype design of an adaptive wing structure. By establishing a processing approach to fabrication, validating these fabrication processes to demonstrate a working segment of a morphing wing to prove feasibility, the company hopes to have a working integrated system of manufacture by project’s end. Design considerations for the adaptive wing include wing mass, primary structure, leading and trailing edges, airfoil balance, seamless skin, internal structure, actuation mechanisms, and environmental stability.

Aurora X-plane

These programs will establish the technology necessary to assemble deployable morphing aircraft and other innovative adaptive structure concepts vital to maintain military advantage. In addition to enhancing the aerospace industry’s system platform capabilities, this technology will also enhance the ability to broaden their system capabilities for multiple Department of Defense (DOD) applications planned in the near and far term. This advancement will improve performance for other current or future applications. The development of this technology from prototype to integration and manufacturing will demonstrate the superiority of the Military in the fields of research, development and materials innovation, as well as maintain funding.

The Molecular Foundry

Ant with micro-processor

The first known human application of nano-technology can be seen in the stain glass panels on the churches & cathedrals of medieval Europe. The colors in these windows were achieved by a controlled heating & cooling process that alters the structure of tiny crystals in the glass changing their pigment. Similarly today scientists can reduce materials to their atomic scale causing them to exhibit a different color at varying stages of reduction toward a sub-atomic level. Unlike the medieval artisans however, Scientists can observe this process & control its behavior, allowing them to design materials on a nano scale rather than just discover them by accident.

The ability to construct machines at the sub-atomic level is called nano-technology & as so far removed from the natural world as it seems it actually is not. Nature has been constructing on the nano-scale since time immemorial, as evidenced in the protein assemblies that operate the rotors & engines such as the flagellum of a bacterium or the self assembling actuators of a reptile that has lost one of its limbs. The building principles that are intrinsic to molecular engineering are the very processes by which nature replicates itself.

Photo synthesis & voltaics are efficient reciprocal forms of energy conversion & exchange that allow plants to flourish. Every minute enough sunlight reaches the earth to meet the world’s energy demands for a whole year. This factor is drawing the pursuit of finding a clean perpetual alternative source of energy into the realm of nano-science. Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories’ Molecular Foundry are taking nanotechnology out of the realm of theorems & into the world of practical working reality. Researchers in the manufacture of solar panels are replacing heavy expensive & fragile silicon with improvised polymers that behave more like nylon. Researchers are replacing crystalline silicon as the light absorbing material in solar cells &

Molecular gears

replacing it with polymer.

Scientists can design conjugated polymers that exhibit conduction of the electrons to the electrodes by adding side chains to them to make them more soluble; to make them better conductors; that change the energy levels & band gaps of these polymers. Scientists have the ability to control individual molecules to increase efficiency & structural integrity of every single atom that composes the material they are examining as a whole.

The ability to observe & alter things at the atomic & sub-atomic levels has lead to the development of an excess of new materials applications, notwithstanding the construction of working nano-mechanical machines. Combined with the ability to observe this change Scientists are able to control & direct this altered behavior. What was once a simple list of Elements called the periodic table now branches out into new dimensions. A nano-meter is a unit of measure that is 1 billionth of a meter, in engineering this small Scientists have found that everyday materials exhibit characteristics that they otherwise would not in their macro-biotic state. These distorted behaviors have lead to the development of faster computer chips, tiny medical devices that can repair clogged arteries & new filtration systems that eradicate environmental pollutants.

One of the key techniques in creating these distortions is called Quantum Confinement, or the

Medical Nanobot

reduction of a material to the point that electrons are squeezed into a space they are not naturally comfortable with. The smaller you make the Chrystal the higher the electron’s charge will be. Its kinetic energy is increased shortening its wavelength causing it to travel around its space more quickly. In conjunction with this is the relationship between volume & surface & how it determines nano-scale behaviors. Things this small have more on the outside than on the inside, Most of the material is surface allowing more reactions to take place. Although the benefits of nano-technology when applied to environmental problems such as Global Warming, contamination of drinking water, air pollution & so forth are self evident, the technology still has its risks. Some Governments are talking about regulating nano-science by amending their hazardous materials law to include nano-particles. Because nano-scale materials can enter living cells the danger posed to the health of an individual & the natural environment is very real. Scientists are examining the nature of the interaction between new engineered artificial molecular materials & living systems in the hopes of finding ethical applications & programming safe guards into the new technology.

It is by no stretch of the imagination that we can extrapolate on how the materials enhancement applications of Nano-technology can be assimilated into a military soldier augmentation programme. Nano-technology affords the field operative various tools & abilities that could greatly increase the success of mission objectives & decrease the risk of danger to a soldier’s life. Technologies such as nano-reactive muscle propulsion systems could be designed into a soldier’s uniform that speed muscle responses to aid movement in pursuit & capture, & impact during unarmed combat. Nano-fibers could be built into the fabric of the uniform that could not only insulate from the cold & ventilate heat, but could penetrate sub-dermally to heal broken bones & form a thin membrane like a cast around the injury. Carbon fiber nano tubes being fugitive, that is unfixed, could cluster to form a protective casing like a shield to deflect projectiles & prevent the penetration of bullets.


This virtual exo-skeleton made from artificially engineered materials that bend light around 3 dimensional objects & sound suppression technologies, render its wearer invisible to all electrical forms of detection as well as the human eye. With the addition of a headgear unit that encapsulates all the advantages of x-ray, infer-red & night vision, GPS satellite navigation & fractal macro & micro zoom technologies the nano-technologically advanced super soldier surpasses any in military history.

Monotomic High Spin Metals

The discipline of Monotomic High Spin Metallurgy involves the transmutation of Noble metallic elements into single atomic super-conductive anti-gravitational states.

White powder gold Crystalline form

The ingredients of all matter at & above the atomic level are made up of atoms with electrons that are in fact independent of one another. The total energy of the electron system is the sum of the energies of the individual electrons, or the charge. The term Monotomic Gold refers to elements that have been rearranged orbitally around their elongated nucleus causing the nucleons to stretch & spin. In Monotomic elements derived from the Gold Silver & Platinum Metals, by mutual attraction their electrons bond together, spinning at very high speeds with equal & opposite momentum.

What Scientist have discovered through monotomic high spin metallurgy is that the Noble precious metals are composed of atoms that are not metals at all, & it is only the gluons, the bonds that hold the atoms in place that are metallic. In the case of white powder gold & its ilk, upon completion of the transmutation process it becomes a unique form of silica.

Monotomic Platinum Group Metals are unique in form & function. When these single atom

Monotomic gold

elements found in heavy metals are subjected to extreme heat they become a powder. They include White powder gold, Monotomic Rhodium & Iridium. David Hudson, who rediscovered the alchemical process & holds the patent for these elements, revealed that when these powders are placed on a scale, the scale actually weighs less than before the powders went in. This alluded to the fact that the elements have anti-gravitational properties that can be transmitted to their surroundings. These gravity resistant materials are now being applied to the aerospace industry.

But it is not only the military who are interested in these asymmetrically distorted high spin group metals. Doctors have found when ingested these elements resonate with deformed body cells causing DNA to relax, unravel & correct itself. Consequently the medical fraternity is studying the properties of white powder gold in the application of cancer treatment. David Hudson theorized that the transformation from Gold with metal to metal bonds to Monotomic Gold was due to the electron spin clouds unpacking. As the Metal to Metal Bonds are broken through the various cycles of heating & cooling during the transmutation process, White Powder Gold, Platinum & the other transitional elements go through various changes, transmuting into liquid states before finally becoming a powder.

Egyptian relief at Karnak

It was called ‘an-na’ in ancient Mesopotamia, meaning ‘fire-stone’ and, ‘shem-an-na’ when made into conical cakes, or ‘high-ward fire-stone’. It was said to produce luminous light in a deadly nimbus of lethal rays, while at the same time being the active catalyst to physical longevity. This duality & paradox will come to define the properties of monotomic gold, as scientists discover that they are entering into a brave new world of Hyper-dimensional reality. Throughout its history white powder gold was recognized as having extraordinary powers of levitation, and teleportation.
The attributes of these Monotomic Platinum Group Metals & their capacity as superconductors were also known to the Alexandrians, whom venerated the substance as coming from the heavens even if they did not understand its ability to trans-mutate & defy gravity. Desguised as an allegory of Alexander the Great’s journey to the kingdom of Ahura Mazda, we find a document called the Iter Alexandri Magni ad Paradisum. In this parable of the hero’s journey to meet the Persian god of light, the powder is described as the enchanted Paradise Stone, which had several supernatural properties and was said to outweigh its own quantity of gold even though when in powder form, a feather out-weighed it!

In an antiquated world of levitation, divine intercession, communication with the gods, and priestly antecedence we find the attributes of monotomic elements described in the Biblical Ark of the Covenant, that according to sacred texts mimics the abilities of a modern day super conductor.

Offering the Highward Firestone to Hathor

But the earliest historical record belongs to the ancient Egyptians as it appears in Their Pyramid Texts & also amid the treasures of at least one of its pharaohs. The sacred writings which adorn the 5th-dynasty pyramid tomb of King Unas at Saqqara describe a district in which Pharaoh is said to live in perpetual Godhead. This Field of Mfkzt – an otherworldly locality associated with an extra-dimensional ‘Realm of the Blessed’ can only be accessed through initiation & ingestion of the substance called Mfkzt.
Further references may be found reproduced in the bas-reliefs of the metals section, at the temple of Karnak of Pharaoh Tuthmosis III. There are various cone-shaped gold objects referred to as “white bread”. It was 1450 BC at Karnak where Tuthmosis III purportedly founded his metallurgical fraternity of Master Craftsmen known as the Great White Brotherhood. The name said to have alluded to their preoccupation with a mysterious white powder of projection.
When Archaeologist Sir William Flinders Petrie discovered an unknown Egyptian temple at the summit of Mount Serâbît in 1904 while exploring the Sinai on behalf of the Egypt Exploration Fund, he found numerous inscriptions relating to ‘mfkzt’ amongst hieroglyphs associated with light. Mirroring the Karnak reliefs, along-side a depiction of Tuthmosis IV in the presence of the goddess Hathor were representations of conical bread-cakes. Before him were two offering stands crowned with lotus flowers and behind him a man bearing a conical object described as “white bread”.
In another relief the treasurer Sobekhotep offers Pharaoh Amenhotep III a conical loaf. Sobekhotep according to translations of the relief is described as- “He who brought the noble and precious stone to his Majesty, the Great One over the secrets of the House of Gold”. We can deduce from these reliefs that the Egyptian kings were ingesting Mfkzt from around 2380 BC. However, only the High Priest of Memphis (the Great Artificer) & the metallurgical adepts

Receiving the bread of the presence

of the mystery schools (the Master Craftsmen) knew the riddle of its assembly.

In the book of Job of the Old Testament, ‘mfkzt’ is ascribed to gold, bread and light, and classified as a ‘stone. It is also related to fire. “As for the earth, out of it cometh bread;-“The text reads,”-and under it is turned up as it were fire. The stones of it are the place of sapphires, and it hath the dust of gold”. While in the book of Exodus, the high-ward firestone is described as a type of food. In the story of Moses and the Israelites at Mount Horeb in Sinai, Moses is enraged to find that his brother Aaron has collected gold from the Israelites and forged it into a golden calf. The ancient Biblical text goes on to say Moses took the golden calf, burned it with fire, transformed it into powder, mixed it with water, and fed it to the Israelites. The story goes on to explain that the fine powder could be wiped with frankincense and made into bread cakes, which according to the Septuagint Bible was the “bread of the presence”.
The story also makes reference to a fire atop a mountain, tablets of instruction & the Ark of the Covenant, An especially designed casket that sent out lightning spearsfrom between the wings of the cherubim that adorned its lid. These bolts of Ark-light (‘electrikus’ to the Greeks) were referred to as “The Presence”, hence the term ‘bread of the presence’.
Paradoxically, although made from noble metals, the monatomic ‘powder of projection’ as referred to by the ancients is classified as a ‘stone’. Nicolas Flamel the 15th-Century medieval chemist of renown also pursued the manufacture of monotomic metals in the guise of the Philosopher’s Stone. Simplified, this was a process that could turn base metals into Gold. Flamel writing his last testament, dated 22nd November 1416, wrote that when the noble metal was perfectly dried and digested, it made a fine “powder of gold”, & thus was born the modern legend of the Philosophers’ Stone.
Taking into account the writings of the 17th-century Alchemist , Eirenaeus Philalethes, in his 1667 treatise entitled Secrets Revealed, He refers to the constitution of the Philosopher’s Stone thus- “Our Stone is nothing but gold digested to the highest degree of purity and subtle fixation … Our gold, no longer vulgar, is the ultimate goal of Nature”. -Meaning that the Stone was itself made of gold, and that the philosophers’ art was in perfecting this process.
In another treatise he concluded “It is called a Stone by virtue of its fixed nature; it resists the action of fire as successfully as any stone. In species it is gold, purer than the purest; it is fixed and incombustible like a stone, but its appearance is that of a very fine powder”.

psiance-fixion megazine