3D Vaccines: Silicon Snake oil or Miracle Cure-all

novartis-vaccinesWhat happens when you add Medicine, Transhumanism, Nanotechnology, 3-D Vaccines, SEAS, MSR’s, Dendritic cells, HIV, Ebola, Cancer, and Mesoporous Silica, to the subject of Immunology and what does Wyss Institute Founding Director Donald Ingber, M.D., Ph.D. have to say about it?

As Medicine speeds headlong ever quicker into the Trans-human age, the line between vaccines and Nanotechnology becomes tenuously thin . Particles 100,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair, that are programmable, spontaneously assembling and can access every conceivable fibre of the body, including a placenta are becoming the miracle cure-all of the near future.

Donald Ingber, M.D.
Donald Ingber, M.D.

Enter the development by Scientific Research of “on demand” nano-vaccines using genetically engineered proteins. This development has made it now possible to produce the effect of nano medicine with larger objects. That is, a non-surgical, injectable and spontaneously assembling structure. For example something like a constant 3-D vaccine in the form of a particle cluster injected beneath the skin. One that would manipulate cells, as well as release bio-chemical drug constituents. Sound implausible? -Trials have already been completed on mice.

The Wyss institutes 'Lung on a microchip'
The Wyss institutes ‘Lung on a microchip’

Researchers at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering and Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) are in the process of developing Injectable, spontaneously assembling, inorganic scaffolds that modulate immune cells in vivo to increase vaccine efficacy.
This technology will allow for the creation of 3D structures using minimally invasive delivery to enrich and activate a host’s immune cells to target and attack harmful cells in vivo. Nano-sized mesoporous silica particles have already been established as useful for manipulating individual cells from the inside, but this is the first time that larger particles, in the micron-sized range, are used to create a 3D in vivo scaffold that can recruit and attract tens of millions of immune cells.

Known as MSRs or mesoporous silica rods, miniscule biodegradable

The Smallpox virus
The Smallpox virus

rod-like structures made from silica, , can be charged with biological and chemical drug components and then delivered by needle just below the skin. The rods spontaneously assemble at the vaccination point to form a three-dimensional scaffold. When a harmful presence is detected, surveillance cells that monitor the body and trigger an immune response pass through the porous spaces in the stack of MSRs that are large enough to recruit and fill up with dendritic cells. Synthesized in the lab, the MSRs are built with small holes, known as nano-pores, inside. The nano-pores can be filled with specific cytokines, oligonucleotides, large protein antigens, or any variety of drugs of interest to allow a vast number of possible combinations to treat a range of infections.

Once the drugs contained in the MSRs are released, which initiates


an immune response, the activated dendritic cells leave the scaffold and travel to the lymph nodes, where they raise alarm and direct the body’s immune system to attack the offending cells, such as cancerous cells. At the site of the injection, the MSRs biodegrade and dissolve naturally within a few months. By tuning the surface properties and pore size of the MSRs Researchers hope to also manipulate the immune system and control the introduction and release of various proteins and drugs by proxy.

Using this technology makes the manufacture of these vaccines relatively easily and rapidly so that they could potentially be widely available very quickly in the event of an emerging pandemic. The usefulness and practicality of these 3D vaccines is in their mobility their injectable nature makes them easy to administer both inside the operating environment and outside in the field.


Could the Cure for indiscriminate worldwide killers like HIV, Ebola and cancers lay in the promise of Nano-technology, and is the cost of this miracle cure-all the robotization of the human body. Is Trans-humanism, amalgamation and symbiosis between the natural and mechanical world the only future for Humanity? -Modern Medicine thinks so. As Wyss Institute Founding Director Donald Ingber, M.D., Ph.D. says. “These injectable 3D vaccines offer a minimally invasive and scalable way to deliver therapies that work by mimicking the body’s own powerful immune-response in diseases that have previously been able to skirt immune detection.” But isn’t this what a healthy diet, regular exercise, purified drinking water, clean air do?


The World Situation and How We Got Here


Zbigniew BrzezinskiThroughout 1998 and leading up to 2000, the People with the Money and their influential think tanks forecast the mobilization of an aggressive American foreign policy.  In his book ’The Grand Chessboard’, Zbigniew Brzezinski, advocates the policies of the Predatory Ruling Classes

Throughout the years 2001-2003 In the wake of the ’Pearl Harbor’ type attacks of 9-11, General Wesley Clark learns that the pro-Israeli neo-conservatives within the Bush-Cheney administration plan to overthrow the governments of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran and several other states. General Clark alleged that the traumatic destruction of 9/11 enabled an aggressive foreign policy to be implemented; even though none of the targeted nations had anything to do with 9/11.  He did not go public with this until 2007.  Though plans did not exactly unfold according to the Pentagon’s 5 year time-table. 

2006 and the formulation of the Chinese/Russian trade-block:

Brazil, Russia, India, China: BRIC
Brazil, Russia, India, China: BRIC

BRICS is the acronym given to the trade association between the five major emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. BRICS members are all developing countries with large, fast-growing economies. With Russia and China comprising its foundation, BRICS has since grown so much in both economic and political influence, that its members can no longer be controlled by the outside forces of global affairs. “The West is scared of BRICS as it has no control over it.” Said India’s ex- Foreign Secretary, Coneel Sebal. And What the Western financial Cartels cannot control, they will seek to destroy. By 2014, BRICS  have established its own international financing mechanism to circumvent the International Monetary Fund. 

Putin Gives America the Finger
Putin Gives America the Finger

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Israel in the June of 2013 to speak to Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu. In strong yet diplomatic terms, the pro-Syrian President Putin expressed his opposition to any strike against Syria or Iran.  Russia and China have consistently urged for peace in the region. In response an angry Hillary Clinton declared: “Russia and China will pay a price for standing up for the Assad regime.” 

 With the advent of the Arab spring of 2013, U.S and Saudi supplied Terrorists-for-hire are losing the fight to overthrow the Syrian leader Assad. The U.S and Israel under the pretext of helping these suppressed rebels overthrow a corrupt government begin bombing Syrian Government positions. 

ISIL troops in Iraq
ISIL troops in Iraq

How convenient is the sudden rise of ISIS, the events in Ukraine, and the anti-China maneuvers in Africa and the Pacific, and its beneficial consequences for the Globalist agenda of the Internationalists. If the U.S. does start bombing Syria, it will be just a matter of time before the two opposing armies confront each other in an all out war.

In the SUMMER of 2013 an alleged ‘gas attack’ occurs in Syria and is blamed on Assad-just a few weeks after Obama’s warning. It is claimed in the Western Press that children were among the victims of Assad’s ‘gas’. Images of the “poison gas” attack had a staged quality smacking of a False Flag Operation by the Western Powers. The Attack if it had occurred would have been more beneficial for the ‘rebel’s’ to blame Assad and draw the US directly into the conflict. President Assad strongly denies the accusation and invites an international investigation into the alleged occurrence. Assad compares the accusation to the false claims of “Weapons of Mass Destruction” which were leveled against Iraq in 2002 & 2003. Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh is convinced that Assad was framed for the gas attacks. It wasn’t the first time that the US government and the New York Times tried to lie America into a war. The Obama administration ignores Assad’s denials and begins preparations for war.

Netanyahu and Putin-June-2012
Netanyahu and Putin-June-2012

Meanwhile, Netanyahu continues his attempts to provoke a Syrian attack against Israel by bombing the outskirts of Damascus. Assad remains resolute and does not attack, but he does threaten retaliation in the event of a full scale attack upon Syria. Russia & China announce they will defend Syria and Russia, China, Syria and Iran stage war games in the Mediterranean. The strong hand played by Putin & his alliance affords Obama the out that he needs and he backs off. China and Russia conduct massive military drills in response to American aggression drawing Russia and China closer together. Russia offers a deal in which Syria agrees to surrender its chemical weapons in exchange for peace and Russia’s continued protection.

Later the same year pro-EU/US mobs, CIA backed ‘rent-a-mobs’, and

Israeli Agent Delta in Kiev
Israeli Agent Delta in Kiev

activists begin forming in Kiev, Ukraine. Their ultimate aim is to overthrow the Russia-friendly government in Ukraine and replace it with US-EU stand-ins. Senator McCain arrives in Kiev to incite the restless mob with shouts of “America stands with you!” Also stirring trouble is US Under-Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. Nuland is the wife of arch ‘neo-conservative’ luminary Robert Kagan; one of the principal architects of the War on Terror’. Nuland has helped to dole out billions of dollars in ‘pro-democracy investment’ in Ukraine, all on the backs of US taxpayers. Among the violent thugs in Kiev were a group of former Israeli commandos. What would be Israel’s motivation to establish a new anti-Russian Ukrainian government on Putin’s front door-step?

In the Far East, the US friendly states of Japan, Vietnam and Philippines continue to agitate China. Japan announces that it will amend its pacifist Constitution and build up its military.

Although Obama’s Globalist faction and the anti-Obama neo-cons share a common interest in weakening the Russia-China alliance, the motives are different. Obama still would prefer to avoid a Middle Eastern war, and focus on inciting wars against Russia and China instead.

What will the response from Russia, Iran and China be? That may be the decissive question in which the Baltic States and China Sea Stakes are played against the Russia-China alliance. More importantly the question remains where will the war between the First World Powers viaing for control of the last of the World’s natural resources be launched? In the Middle East on behalf of Israel and the Neo-cons or in Eastern Europe.

Enter the Age of Super-Conductivity

Enter the first meta-material superconductor: and the age of miracle machines.
Levitation under Superconductivity
Levitation under Superconductivity

The near magical properties of super conductivity could completely revolutionize power distribution, power storage, electric motors, computers, and more. Garnering almost mythical status in the world of electronics, magnetism, and quantum mechanics, superconductivity is the holy grail of the 21st Century.

Materials science, is the study of the properties of matter. It is the study of how the structure of a material at an atomic scale affects its properties. Because this science relies on being able to inspect and manipulate matter at a nano-scale, and our machines and tools are only just starting to reach that capability, this is a relatively new field. The last few years have been the most exciting for the fledgling science as engineers finally discover why and how materials behave the way they do — and use this knowledge to create new materials that behave in unusual ways.
Meta-materials are manufactured materials that exhibit un-natural

Superconductors Assist In Astronomical Observation
Superconductors Assist In Astronomical Observation

properties. The most common example of which is negative refraction: Every known material in nature, has a positive refractive index. This means it always bends light a certain way. Meta-materials however can bend light in the opposite direction. These materials have led to some interesting applications, such as invisibility cloaks. Consequently, having done the same thing with superconductors: researchers have tweaked a compound in the lab, meta-material-style, to raise its critical temperature, at Towson University, the University of Maryland, and the Naval Research Laboratory. This empirical, deliberate approach marks a very different direction from usual superconductor research, which up until now has consisted mostly of theoretical guesswork. Now however the research has moved into the realm of practical, albeit experimental demonstration of superconducting critical behaviors in electromagnetic meta-materials.

CERN Super-Collider: Luvata has been producing Niobium-based Super-conducting wires and cables for more than 30 years
CERN Super-Collider: Luvata has been producing Niobium-based Super-conducting wires and cables for more than 30 years

Superconducting magnets are already used in MRI machines and particle accelerators like CERN’s LHC, and are being considered for advanced maglev trains.When cooled to a critical temperature, the electrical resistance of some materials, instantly drops to zero and magnetic fields are completely ejected.  Zero electrical resistance means that a current can flow around a superconducting coil indefinitely,without any applied voltage for an estimated 100,000 years. Unfortunately, yet discovered, the hottest superconductor still needs to be cooled to around -140 Celsius (133 Kelvin, -220 Fahrenheit) without cryogenic cooling, making super-conductivity non- feasible for everyday use. Some US researchers now, however, may have discovered the key to room-temperature superconductors:
In theory, This is the great leap forward in the quest for the creation of one of the most powerful, valuable, and elusive materials in the world: a room-temperature superconductor. A lot of work is being done into so-called “high-temperature superconductivity,” but the best anyone has managed is a critical temperature of -140C — HgBa2Ca2Cu3Ox (HBCCO). While superconductors are already used extensively in science and medicine, the fact that they need to be kept at cryogenic (below -150C) temperatures makes them very expensive and unwieldy.

Magnetically propelled Mag-lev commuter Train
Magnetically propelled Mag-lev commuter Train

Research into this relatively new science is still in its infant stages. But advances in meta-material-like manipulation techniques has enabled scientists to raise the critical temperature of tin by 0.15 Kelvin. Little is still known, especially about high-temperature superconductors, researches believe the “layers” of these complex compounds act like the electron equivalent of optical waveguides, steering electrons through the material with zero resistance. This new research might help us understand these high-temperature superconductors a little better, and maybe also to tweak them to move the critical temperature ever closer to room temperature. Still, in the realm of quantum mechanics where almost nothing is known about why or how superconductivity exists in the first place, it’s big news.

 combining a low-temperature Superconductor with a dielectric material to create a meta-material
combining a low-temperature Superconductor with a dielectric material to create a meta-material

The practical applications of this science will positively impact on the way in which we will globally. When we eventually tap the secrets of superconductivity we can expect many facets of life to change very rapidly and exponentially. Superconducting power lines could save billions of dollars in transmission losses — or allow for the building of world-spanning super grids. We could replace every transport system with cheap, super-fast maglev trains. It might even allow for cloaking devices. The proverbial ceiling, according to the latest research is limitless.

The Coming Super Currency

There has been a lot made about the ‘cashless society’ in media, which can’t be achieved until there is a cashless currency.  The  World Bank’s former chief economist wants to replace the US dollar with a single global super-currency, saying it will create a more stable global financial system. The reliance on the American Petro-dollar is at the heart of global financial and economic crises. An alternative to this is to replace national currencies with a global currency.

CurrencyThe ideal of a global “super currency” attached to a family of support currencies has been discussed and endorsed  by world leaders who claim a super currency could also be tied to a single currency, but the interdependence of world financial markets and concerns about the volatility that can occur as a result of the system being tied to one currency have prevented this idea from reaching fruition.

It is doubtful that a super currency would protect the global financial system against breakdowns such as the 2008 downturn which plunged the world economy into its most dangerous crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Flexible exchange rates provide a useful shock absorption mechanism,  for emerging market economies.Detractors however claim financial regulation and improved global governance, along with better fiscal and structural policies, would go much further than a single currency in enhancing global financial stability.
Every social innovation needs a  crisis to ferment. bitcoin-2The cashless revolution is no different. The global financial meltdown has been orchestrated  by the  private central banks through the expansion and contraction of the money supply.  The Dollar or Euro collapse will trigger a global economic crisis, which is a prime opportunity to introduce  a centralised money system.  The creation of a new “super-sovereign reserve currency” to replace the dollar “disconnected from individual nations” and “able to remain stable in the long run” would benefit the global financial system more than current reliance on the dollar.
In the summer of 2012, as the European Central Bank (ECB) collapsed the Greek economy, financial expert Max Keiser, alongside Mexican billionaire Hugo Salinas Price, travelled to Athens to promote the idea of a silver Drachma as a parallel currency to the faltering Euro. This parallel currency was ‘sound money’ for individual Greeks and would allow them to retain control of their financial destiny, and to accumulate real wealth. The idea should have caught on, bitcoinbut was quashed by the financial elites loyal to the ECB, Wall Street and the City of London. People in general however are ignorant to how money is created, circulated, and the control of inflation by the  private central banks.
The US Dollar is a fiat currency that derives its value from government regulation or law. It is an oil-backed currency and it is on its way to losing its long-lived status as the world’s reserve currency. China is moving towards a gold-backed currency and has already agreed to buy the majority of its oil supply from Russia off of the US Dollar peg. This could mean two things: the US could be forced to fight a war to maintain Dollar supremacy, or the Dollar will begin to drop as the top dog. This shift will open up a window of opportunity for money masters to insert not only a brand new global currency, but also its universal cashless attributes as well.amero-2
Common sense and free market wisdom would expect to see a sound money option replace the current fiat disaster, but as we saw in Greece, a great solution was not taken up and straddled with the dysfunctional Euro, and that society will continue to pay the cost of that reality.
Fiat_MoneyArguments in favor of a global currency resurfaced during October’s US budget impasse, which forced the government to shut down.  Creating a new international reserve currency to replace reliance on the American Dollar, would prevent government gridlock in Washington from affecting the rest of the world. The Euro crisis was a great opportunity to throw out the Euro in favour of something that could create wealth, rather than debt. As the fiat currencies continue to slide downhill, globalists are preparing their solution behind closed doors.

Microchipping Society

Regina E. Duncan, former (DARPA) Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency director and now Google Executive,  has introduced a minute, ingestible microchip that the majority population will be   expected to swallow by 2017. It is being billed as-  “A means of authentication,” Duncan calls it, which takes invasive surveillance to whole new levels. She talks of the ‘mechanical mismatch problem between machines and humans,’ and  explains the bio-chem-mechanical qualities of this exotic technology that ‘grows’ in the human body with its host retaining its structural integrity and function.microchip-1

 Declared a quantum leap for research and medicine by its exponents ,Ethicists on the other-hand identify the critical shift toward this technology as a certain extension of the removal of our freedoms and rights.    These bio-chips would not only allow full access to insurance companies and government agencies to our pharmaceutical dependency,including a host of other aspects of our everyday existence.

“These biochips have been described as integrated circuits like, but instead of containing tiny semiconductors, they are comprised of bits of actual DNA that make up genes or fragments of genes. Inserted in a small analytical instrument, the chips allow scientists to perform thousands of biochemical experiments at a fraction of the cost and time required for traditional tests.”
microchip-2With bio-tech’s track record of hybridizing genes in our food and then patenting the end product, so that they literally control and own the food supply, this technology will allow full access to our entire genetic makeup? With a satellite or the click of a button, these tiny micro-chips could contain accelerated aging triggers or cancer causing material that could be ‘switched-on’, or entire immune systems could be shut down. Electronic pulses could be emitted from these device which control parts of our brain that could paralyze whole populations or simply control our cravings.
What should send alarm bells through the free community is the fact that micro-chipping has been considered in health care bills:
“This new Health Care (Obamacare) law requires an RFID chip implanted in all of us. This chip will not only contain your personal information with tracking capability but it will also be linked to your bank account. Page 1004 of the new law (dictating the timing of this chip), states: ‘Not later than 36 months after the date of the enactment”. It is now the law of the land that by March 23rd 2013 we will all be required to have an RFID chip underneath our skin and this chip will be linked to our bank accounts as well as have our personal records and tracking capability built into it…’”

The idea is not new – Dr. Jose M.R. Delgado, Director of microchip-4Neuro-psychiatry Yale University Medical School Congressional Record, No. 26, Vol. 118 February 24, 1974 discusses it extensively in a paper in which he states, “Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.”

microchip-3This is the mentality  of mind that is creating racially specific genetic warfare in the form of GMOs, chemtrails, and vaccines? That allow isolated targeting of entire populations for genocidal purposes.  The parameters of these weapons can be calibrated or fine tuned to encompass certain age groups, races, diets and so forth.

The Militarization of the Police

The Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has commissioned a Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS), which will likely contain liquid armor, a substance that is being developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Exoskeleton armored suit On June 25
th 2013, in Washington D.C. The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry signed an agreement with FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency (US government) to monitor and forecast emergency situations, train rescuers, and provide security at mass events within the U.S. Whenever you see Amerika spelt with a K it is a Russianised name for the United States. The Royal Houses of Europe’s Corporate Dictatorship that they are planning for America will be similar to that of the former Soviet Union and modeled after the Communist Government prevalent in China. This model will be expanded into a Global Government Controlled by the United Nations. This Government will control the distribution of global resources, such as food, fuel, and water; a centralized currency distributed digitally, Global Healthcare and Public Housing, and the Right of Employment and the possession of Property. The Rule of this Global Government will be enforced by Military take-over and the abolition of Sovereignty. Obama’s Regime has requested that 15,000 Russian Soldiers trained in disaster relief and riot control be stationed on U.S soil to respond to an Emergency Fema alert.

New York Subway Cops
New York Subway Cops

From major metropolises to small towns, America’s police forces increasingly resemble military units, thanks in part to billions of dollars in free equipment from the Pentagon. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has been buying up stockpiles of ammunition, while American Law enforcement is being militarized. Police Men and Women are being dressed ,armed and trained like soldiers of their military while their citizens are being disarmed. They are sent out onto U.S. Streets to fight the War on Crime; the War on Drugs; the War on Counterfeit Goods and so on. The end result is a detached Police Force that regards the average person like an enemy combatant as opposed to a citizen with Rights.  In 2012 alone, the Pentagon gave away a record $546 million in surplus military hardware to municipal law enforcement agencies. The billion-dollar donations don’t include the $34 billion in “terrorism grants” that the Department of Homeland Security has handed out to local police forces to arm themselves with high-powered weaponry. The Department of Homeland Security has handed out over the last year, 1.6 Billion rounds of ammunition; more than 7000 fully automatic assault weapons; 2700 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Armored Vehicles; and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Drones. All instruments of war in preparation for mass civil unrest.

It will begin with the financial collapse of the current monetary system around the world in order to bring about a

Robohub Exoskeleton SARCOS Raytheon
Robohub Exoskeleton SARCOS Raytheon

centralized banking system. In preparation the U.S. Defense department has been investing in exotic technologies that have been undergoing development for more than a decade. Defense contractors have been working on exoskeletons, for example, that would permit foot soldiers to carry more gear and run faster than they normally could on their own.
Enter The Special Operations Command. SOCOM has commissioned a Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS) that with the introduction of a magnetic field or electrical current the suite’s composition alters from liquid to solid in milliseconds, allowing a soldier wearing it to sustain attack from heavy gunfire. Temperature control, and oxygen producing systems are also being incorporated into the outfit’s design. Serious military interest in creating a 21st century suit of armor for US soldiers increased following the US Army’s failed mission last week in Somalia. Members of an elite Navy SEALS unit were forced to retreat in the face of heavy gunfire, while attempting to capture an Al-Shabaab commander believed to be connected to one of the 1998 US embassy bombings in Africa. SOCOM, hoping to tap into a deep well of engineering talent, last month issued a request for ideas “from a wide variety of sources, not just traditional military industry but also from academia, entrepreneurs, and laboratories capable of providing the design, construction, and testing of TALOS related technologies.” S
hould a soldier suffer an injury despite the state-of-the-art suit of armor, the TALOS  outfit would monitor vital signs and stop bleeding using a “wound stasis” program such as one being developed by DARPA that sprays foam onto open injuries,”

Talos Tactical Suit
Talos Tactical Suit

US Special Operations Command chief Adm. William McRaven believes the technology will make US soldiers practically invincible on the battlefield. “I’m very committed to this, I’d like that last operator that we lost to be the last operator we lose in this fight or the fight of the future, and I think we can get there,” McRaven told industry representatives gathered at SOCOM headquarters in Tampa, Florida, last July to discuss the creation of the technology. SOCOM hopes to incorporate a “comprehensive family of systems in a combat armor suit where we bring together an exoskeleton with innovative armor, displays for power monitoring, health monitoring, and integrating a weapon into that – a whole bunch of stuff,” Lt. Col. Karl Borjes, an Army science advisor assigned to SOCOM, said in a statement. TALOS will contain “full-body ballistic protections,” as well as a “physiological subsystem” that covers the skin of the wearer and is embedded with sensors to monitor “body temperature, skin temperature, heart rate, body position and hydration levels,” according to the government’s May posting. The interface will not only relay the suit wearer’s “cognitive thoughts and the surrounding environment in real time to a command center, but also display comprehensive medical, financial and historical records.”

Get Off The Grid

Garbage warrior-Michael Reynolds
Garbage warrior-Michael Reynolds

Off-the-grid living, typically in alternative communities means living independently of council amenities such as water, electricity and providing your own power. It’s about being more self-reliant, being less dependent on the system, and providing a less toxic food supply. Anyone is able to go off-the-grid using such things as solar panels, wind turbines and techniques in rainwater harvesting. Many third world countries encourage people to help each other go off-grid in their local regions. Making accessible the latest research in various alternate energy production. These techniques need not be expensive, difficult to manufacture or maintain. Nature is the best guide it operates simply and it wastes nothing.

Typical Earth-ship Bathroom
Typical Earth-ship Bathroom

Some 750,000 households in America have gone off-the-grid, and this trend is growing at 10-15% a year, this is not confined to one country however, various communities around the World have successfully become independent. Despite, interestingly enough, Power groups like the Bilderbergers and Trilateral Commission who vie to keep the old inefficient energy systems in place to protect their investments, but the numerous off-the-grid movements sprouting up all over the planet serve as an alternative to this kind of centralized power and control.

The term off-grid refers to not being connected to a grid, mainly used in terms of not being connected to the main or national transmission grid in electricity. In electricity off-grid can be stand-alone systems (SHS) or mini-grids typically to provide a smaller community with electricity. Off-grid electrification is an approach to access electricity used in countries and areas with little access to electricity, due to scattered or distant population. More and more these remote communities are turning to alternate energy means for their supply. This includes the local production of Bio-fuel, Solar power production, Mini-hydro-power and Wind power generation. An off-the-grid home may also incorporate a small animal farm,  vegetable garden, grey water, black water reclamation system and rain water harvesting.

Off-the-grid homes are autonomous; they do not rely on municipal water supply, sewer, natural gas, electrical power grid, or similar utility services. A

Rain Harvesting
Rain Harvesting

true off-grid house is able to operate completely independently of all traditional public utility services. The idea has been popularized and made accessible to the general public through the work and research of pioneers including Jean Pain who developed the technique of generating electricity through compost, Designer and Architect of the Earth-ship Michael Reynolds, Paul Gautschi of the Back to Eden Wood chip gardening method and survival experts Les Stroud and Cody Lundin who promote off-grid living by having constructed their own homes according to those principles and living off the land.

There are many different ways to generate energy, from simple passive solar power systems that utilize the natural path of the sun, to self perpetuating magnetic motors. Electrical power can be generated on-site with renewable energy sources such as solar, wind or geothermal; with a generator and adequate fuel reserves; or simply done without, as in Amish and Old Order Mennonite communities. Such a system is called a stand-alone power system.
On-site water sources can include a well, stream, or lake that can encompass a paddle wheel to generate electricity as well as distribute water for irrigation. Depending on the water source, this may include pumps and/or filtration. Rainwater can also be harvested with rainwater tanks, mesh screens that collect early morning dew, and natural filtration systems such as limestone.

Eco Ark Building in Taiwan is made of Recycled Plastic bottles
Eco Ark Building in Taiwan is made of Recycled Plastic bottles

Survivalism is a movement of individuals or groups called survivalists or Preppers who are actively preparing for emergencies as well as possible disruptions in social or political order, on scales ranging from local to international. Survivalists often have emergency medical and self-defense training, stockpile food and water, prepare for self-sufficiency, and build structures that will help them survive or “disappear” (e.g. a survival retreat or underground shelter). Survivalists, sometimes associated with militia groups generally distrust government authority and ‘gear-up’ in anticipation of both local and global catastrophe, some of these Anticipated disruptions include but are not restricted to the following:

Detail of Polli-Brick System
Detail of Polli-Brick System

Clusters of natural disasters, patterns of apocalyptic planetary crises, or Earth Changes (tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, solar storms, severe thunderstorms). A disaster caused by the activities of humankind (chemical spills, release of radioactive materials, nuclear or conventional war, oppressive governments). The general collapse of society caused by the shortage or unavailability of resources such as electricity, fuel, food, or water. Financial disruption or economic collapse (caused by monetary manipulation, hyperinflation, deflation, or depression). A global pandemic. Widespread chaos or some other unexplained apocalyptic event.

Burn Your Birth Certificate

baby_barcodeAccording to the English Dictionary a PERSON is defined as a human being and regarded as an individual. According to the Law however, a PERSON is an individual or corporate group having certain legal rights and responsibilities. This has been held to include foreign and domestic corporations, not a human being regarded as an individual. An Artificial Person according to the Dictionary of Law is a legal entity and Not a human being. As a natural human being you have the capacity for rights or duties. This ‘capacity’ does not guarantee that you will use your free will to exercise them. The definition of a PERSON according to law is a corporate fiction.

Every Country is a Corporation and every citizen of that Country is an employee of that Company. You are listed as an asset, and your person is used to borrow money against. You are Collateral. Australia is registered as a Corporation. It lists Income Tax payments as a stream of revenue on behalf of the custodians of the country and they publish this information on a registrar for the behalf of its shareholders. The Australian government is a work agency and you are human resource. When you go to work you are actually an agent for the federal government and you must pay commission to the Agency via your Tax File number. Your Tax file number is identified as an Employee Identification number. This identifies you as an employee of the government and subject to Corporate law. This is your income Tax. It is the Federal Government providing the Employer by leasing you out as part of their service. Anyone with a Tax-file number is an employee of this corporation.

You have every right to withhold that Tax-file number and instead agree to engage in a contract with a potential barcode_markEmployer. This is understood to be your labor in exchange for Cash in hand. The Government does not want you to do this because undeclared income means loss of revenue, an inaccurate representation of its gross national product, i.e –You! And ultimately, loss of control over that product. Company Policy of this Corporation states a Statute is a Legislative Rule of Society given the Force of Law by the Consent of the Governed, A Rule as of a Corporation is by its own definition only applies to a person and is not Law without submission or consent. The only PERSON known according to the Law is a Corporation.

You are a Man or a Woman that according to Law has a PERSON. That is: according to Law- a fictional entity created by government subject to Civil Policy jurisdiction, who must fulfill all duties given to and governed by Corporate Policy under Statute. This corporate personality does business in the public, controlled by civil law and corporate courts. In contrast a natural man or Woman is subject to Common Law jurisdiction, must never harm another or cause another any form of loss. Under natural Law Man and Woman have the free and unlimited ability to contract and settle debt in private under commercial law. You are falsely identifying with a PERSON that is not You, but a legal fiction forehead-barcodecreated by the Government.

When your name is presented on a document with the first letter of your first and last name capitalized it represents Capitus Diminutio Minima occurs when a man’s family relations were changed. It is a minimal loss of rights. When your last name appears in capital letters it represents Capitus Diminutio Medio which occurs when a man loses his rights of citizenship but not his rights to liberty. This means you can be fined and penalized but not enslaved or imprisoned. But when your entire name is capitalized on any document it represents Capitus Diminutio Maxima which states occurs when a man’s condition changes from freedom to bondage. As on a credit card or driver’s license. All rights of citizenship and family rights are surrendered. You consent to being that corporate personality and you can be fined, penalized, imprisoned and enslaved, in any amount for any duration at the whim of the State.

When you are born your Mother and Father submit (to bend to Another’s will) a Birth Certificate Registration Applicationsingularity Form. Your PERSON was created when your birth was registered and is evidenced by your birth certificate. You don’t get to say what its rights and duties are because you did not create it. The Corporation that is the Australian Government did. In the formulation in any limited Company there is always a Certificate of Registration to create its legal personality. Your fictional PERSON known as MR, MRS or Ms, your NAME is created by the same means. When you register you are handing over legal title of what you are registering to whom or what you are registering to acknowledging or transferring the Authority to another by this process. When you Apply; which means to beg; the assumption is made you know exactly what you are begging for, by whom or what you are Applying to, and that you know, exactly what you are willing to give up for it. This is completely voluntary and not compulsory.

The Name of the PERSON being created on your Birth certificate contains a capitalized surname. To create this PERSON they also need the Names of the FATHER & MOTHER who are the Informants with Capitalized Surnames. Your Parents in effect are Informing on you being Born. The process is already worded to sound like a criminal activity. The Document also requires a Declaration ( as part of Common Law), from a man or a woman (not a PERSON) present to represent the PERSON, needed to create the new PERSON’S LEGAL PERSONALITY. This PERSON is then Registered to a Corporation in the guise of the Registry of Australian Births, Deaths and Marriages. At this point your child no longer belongs to you. They are subject to the Law which includes Mandatory Schooling &Vaccinations. The State reserves the right to remove your children from your care should that care not be deemed satisfactory by Agents of the State: Child Services.

Point of fact your Children are the Property of the Australian Government. You effectively signed over ownership when you Registered them at Birth. You are not obliged to Register your children. If you do it is at that point that you are creating a legal entity for a PERSON. You are associating this Legal Entity with your Child, you are abandoning ownership of your Child, legal title to that PERSON, and the Government is seizing that under the maritime salvage law it becomes their property and they use it as collateral to float loans.

Privatized Banking, Communism & Fiat Currency

“I believe that banking Institutions are more dangerous to our Liberties than standing Armies.  if the American People ever allow private Banks to control their currency, first by Inflation, then by Deflation, the Banks and the Corporations that will grow up around these Banks will deprive the People of all Property until their Children wake up homeless on the Continent their Fathers conquered.  The issuing power of Currency should be taken from the Banks and restored to the People, to whom it properly Belongs.”

  -Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States.

1913 US President Woodrow Wilson
1913 US President Woodrow Wilson: the Man who Sold the World

How did America digress from being the symbol of Individuation and entrepreneurialism  with a Government for the people protecting the rights and freedoms of the people to a country

The man who sold the World: J.D Rockefeller
J.D Rockefeller donated land to the United Nations

that underneath the surface clearly wasn’t.  Almost as if if one said Freedom long enough and loud enough it would make it so.  The thin veneer began to lift with the opening of the Federal Reserve and its adoption of a major tenant of the Communist ethos-the Central Banking System.  In 1913 Woodrow Wilson was President and flanked by the powerful banking interests of J.P. Morgan, Paul Warburg and John D. Rockefeller, who seized control of the American Government.  The American People were told by Philander Knox the then Secretary of State, under the tutelage of the Banking Cartel, that the 16th Amendment (Income Tax Amendment) had been legally ratified by the States.  This was a lie.  Americans were forced to lower their standards of living and pay a graduated income tax to pay for the debt generated by Congress, through the borrowing of money from the Central bank.  The revenue generated from this tax on labor would ultimately fall into the hands of J.P Morgan,  J.D Rockefeller and Paul Warburg.  The very same year the Banks bribed Senators to pass the Federal Reserve Act without the required Constitutional amendment.  To this day Congress and the President are aware of this Fraud but are neither able or willing to Act.   The Banksters knew that whosoever controlled the Currency controlled the Government, or- “Give me control of a Nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws”, this was never made more clear than in this statement made by Mayer Rothschild.

Babylon's Banker: Paul Warburg
Babylon’s Banker: Paul Warburg

The federal reserve was created by Congress in 1913 and it was entrusted with the power originally granted to the Congress by the U.S. Constitution to coin money and regulate the value thereof.  Soon after its inception the Federal reserve Bank implemented the Great Depression.  The Federal Reserve failed in its role to be the lender of last resort for the banks due to its inability to call in loans fast enough to pay off depositors who were withdrawing their savings due to high levels of unemployment.  As a consequence the money in circulation dwindled, with nothing to back up the currency beside the debt owned on that money, the banks crashed.  This is what is meant by the term Fiat Money System. With no Gold or Silver reserves to back up the value of the dollar the bank can only rely on the number of deposits it holds.  With everyone withdrawing their money the Banks crashed.

The United States Government inadvertently gave the Private Banks its most fundamental power, the ability to print money, and were forced to borrow this money from them with interest.  As a consequence, the American People were forced to lower their standards of living and pay a graduated income tax.   Woodrow Wilson who passed the income law later admitted-

“i am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country.  A great Industrial nation is now controlled by its system of credit.  we are no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by free conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of men.”

J.P.Morgan:Wanker on Wall Street.

The Federal Reserve was created by Congress in 1913 and was intrusted with the power granted originally to the Congress by the U.S. Constitution to coin money and regulate the value thereof.  The Central Bank is allowed to produce the currency of an entire nation, it controls the interest rates and  cash flow. It does not simply supply this money to a Government, it loans it out at interest.  Then through the use of increase and decrease of supply regulates the value of the money being loaned.  It is critical to understand that the structure of this system can only produce Perpetual Debt.  the Central bank also has the Monopoly on the overall debt of the country loaning each dollar out with an immediate debt attached to it, the money to repay it inadvertently has to be borrowed from the Central Bank.  The Rich elite therefore have a perpetual income ad infinitum derived from the generational servitude of a nation’s citizenry.  Extrapolate this onto a Global stage and the face of the New World Order comes into view.

Edward Mandell House, who was Woodrow Wilson’s Handler convinced Wilson to pass the Federal Reserve Act before the United States entered into the First World War.  The Conglomerate of off-shore Bankers wanted to Fund America, to incur debt and interest, and so they had to foment a condition whereby  the United States would enter the First World war. The official reason being the sinking of the Lusitania. But in Edward Mandell House’s own words it was so- ” every American will be required to register their biological property in a national system (Birth Certificate) designed to keep track of the people and that will be forced to operate under that ancient system of pledging.  By such methodology we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will effect our security as a charge back to our paper currency.  Every American will be forced to register or suffer being unable to work or earn a living.  They will be our chattel , and we will hold the security interest over them forever by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions.  Americans by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt.”

Aaron Russo when he was running for Governor of Nevada met up with nick Rockefeller of the Rockefeller Banking Family.  Rockefeller explained to him what the banking Industry had plans for the future.  The Private Banks in Europe who are all Central Banks and work as a conglomerate with the rest of the banks of the world.  He said the overall plan was to establish a Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a National bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly and a heavily graduated income tax. With the ultimate goal of creating a Collectivist world government much like the Dictatorship in China.  The Countries of the World would be regulated into Nation States or Principalities with administrative units, a world central bank with one digital currency, a global Army under central control overseeing a micro-chipped society.False flag

The Same members of the International Banking Cartels are what comprise the most influential people in the United Nations,  The Land the United Nations building was founded on was donated by J.D. Rockefeller.  Its board of Directors swells with Rockefeller affiliates.  The United Nations is founded on the same principles by the same players that created the Federal Reserve System.  According to the United Nations Charter on Human Rights You are entitled to these Rights ‘except as may be provided for by Law’.  Which means You have these Rights until They pass a Law that says You don’t have these Rights anymore.  These clauses exist in the Soviet Constitution and are a tenant of any Totalitarian System, where every child that is born is allowed to be born to serve the State.  This was also a Mandate of Napoleon Bonaparte who had himself crowned Emperor and claimed ” I Am The State”.

What’s the Go with GMO (the March Against Monsanto)

BoycottGMO'sAll over the world massive protests against Monsanto ensue. The 2 Million people that protested against the proliferation of Genetically Modified Foods world-wide were largely ignored by the Media. Studies conducted throughout the European Union have concluded that within 20 years the world will be struggling to feed itself. protestors are outraged at President Obama’s continued protection of seed and bio-genetic companies Monsanto and Syngenta, whom they blame for the depletion of the Honey bee due to the proliferation of insecticide infused crops. Protestors call into question the motivation behind American President Obama’s passing Legislation which protects Genetics Companies from Federal Court interference. Section 735 of Bill HR933 makes concessions for Bio-tech companies to produce, plant, grow and sell GMO products regardless if testing has proven them to be hazardous to the general public.

Glyphosate: The active ingredient in most if not all insecticides.
Glyphosate: The active ingredient in most if not all insecticides.

Legislation protects Western Corporations that are creating and exacerbating the global environmental crisis that is compromising the world’s ability to grow natural foods. Studies conducted indicate that within 20 years 30 major food groups along with the global Honey bee population will become extinct. Monsato has been charged, indicted and convicted for poisoning the water of 52 million Americans. Since GMO’s were introduced there has been a marked rise in various Diseases and disorders in the human populace. The consequences of Round-up or its active ingredient Glyphosate’s bio-chemistry is responsible for most of the conditions and diseases associated with the western diet that include Gi disorders, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, autism, infertility, cancer, and Alzheimer.

When Monsato first introduced the idea of Genetically Modified Foods their patent on the most popular herbicide Round-up was due to expire in 2000. In order to maintain a monopoly on the market they engineered Round-up resistant crops. As the Genetically modified seeds spread through the market growers were forced to buy Monsanto’s specially augmented version of Round-up. The Misnomer that genetically modified foods were needed to feed the world was introduced by their public relations firm.The concept of introducing a completely new organism that reproduced itself outside the processes of evolution, proved so radical to Scientists that Monsato mobilized their product outside of normal protocols, largely through deceit. GM foods were released into the public arena long before the science was ready.

watermelonsCurrently the technology does not exist to completely clean up the contaminated gene-pool. The genes already released by companies such as Monsanto and Syngenta have proven more resilient than Nuclear waste. The Genetically altered Corn produced has already contaminated the indigenous corn varieties in Mexico which is the source of genetic diversity in corn on Earth. Monsanto’s consultant Arthur Anderson in 1999 admitted their goal was to genetically reproduce 100% of seeds in the world and patent them, expanding into the modification of fish, insects, etc. eliminating 100 billion years of evolution and affecting Nature irreversibly. For example: Monsanto produce a Corn that comes with its own insecticide which was found to poke holes in human cells, end up in the human bloodstream, and into unborn fetus’: And while studying milk that had been treated with Bovine growth hormone there was found so much cancer producing hormones in the milk they refused to drink milk thereafter.

According to the American Academy of Environmental Medicine there are so many health dangers associated to GM Foods, like gastro-intestinal problems, immune deficiency, accelerated aging, infertility and organ damage, that they recommend every doctor prescribe Non GMO diets because these problems were because of engineered feed. The Doctors who have taken this advice have reported a dramatic reduction in these ailments and disorders. As have Veterinarians and Farmers finding the same types of improvements in their livestock taken off GMO corn and Soy.

Monsanto Propaganda
Monsanto Propaganda

Neonicotinoid (nicotine ) based insecticides are not genetically engineered per say however corn, engineered genetically has 5 times as much neonicotinoid as is naturally the case. New evidence to the extinction of the Bee population suggests Glyphosate: the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Round-up coupled with the BT toxin might be defecting the Bees’ immune system. The corporate driven Environmental Protection Agency in U.S Government has largely ignored the evidence where countries like Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia have put an all out ban on these products. As a result Food Companies are now scrambling to replace genetically modified ingredients with conventional alternatives. Contradictory to U.S. Policy on the grass roots level the demand for locally grown organic foods is gaining momentum. Food Executives are coming to the realisation that the supply of GMO’s will result in dramatic loss of sales, forcing them to become non-gmo product verified. With the greater demand for Non GMO foods Farmers are now being paid more for their organically grown products.

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