Burn Your Birth Certificate

baby_barcodeAccording to the English Dictionary a PERSON is defined as a human being and regarded as an individual. According to the Law however, a PERSON is an individual or corporate group having certain legal rights and responsibilities. This has been held to include foreign and domestic corporations, not a human being regarded as an individual. An Artificial Person according to the Dictionary of Law is a legal entity and Not a human being. As a natural human being you have the capacity for rights or duties. This ‘capacity’ does not guarantee that you will use your free will to exercise them. The definition of a PERSON according to law is a corporate fiction.

Every Country is a Corporation and every citizen of that Country is an employee of that Company. You are listed as an asset, and your person is used to borrow money against. You are Collateral. Australia is registered as a Corporation. It lists Income Tax payments as a stream of revenue on behalf of the custodians of the country and they publish this information on a registrar for the behalf of its shareholders. The Australian government is a work agency and you are human resource. When you go to work you are actually an agent for the federal government and you must pay commission to the Agency via your Tax File number. Your Tax file number is identified as an Employee Identification number. This identifies you as an employee of the government and subject to Corporate law. This is your income Tax. It is the Federal Government providing the Employer by leasing you out as part of their service. Anyone with a Tax-file number is an employee of this corporation.

You have every right to withhold that Tax-file number and instead agree to engage in a contract with a potential barcode_markEmployer. This is understood to be your labor in exchange for Cash in hand. The Government does not want you to do this because undeclared income means loss of revenue, an inaccurate representation of its gross national product, i.e –You! And ultimately, loss of control over that product. Company Policy of this Corporation states a Statute is a Legislative Rule of Society given the Force of Law by the Consent of the Governed, A Rule as of a Corporation is by its own definition only applies to a person and is not Law without submission or consent. The only PERSON known according to the Law is a Corporation.

You are a Man or a Woman that according to Law has a PERSON. That is: according to Law- a fictional entity created by government subject to Civil Policy jurisdiction, who must fulfill all duties given to and governed by Corporate Policy under Statute. This corporate personality does business in the public, controlled by civil law and corporate courts. In contrast a natural man or Woman is subject to Common Law jurisdiction, must never harm another or cause another any form of loss. Under natural Law Man and Woman have the free and unlimited ability to contract and settle debt in private under commercial law. You are falsely identifying with a PERSON that is not You, but a legal fiction forehead-barcodecreated by the Government.

When your name is presented on a document with the first letter of your first and last name capitalized it represents Capitus Diminutio Minima occurs when a man’s family relations were changed. It is a minimal loss of rights. When your last name appears in capital letters it represents Capitus Diminutio Medio which occurs when a man loses his rights of citizenship but not his rights to liberty. This means you can be fined and penalized but not enslaved or imprisoned. But when your entire name is capitalized on any document it represents Capitus Diminutio Maxima which states occurs when a man’s condition changes from freedom to bondage. As on a credit card or driver’s license. All rights of citizenship and family rights are surrendered. You consent to being that corporate personality and you can be fined, penalized, imprisoned and enslaved, in any amount for any duration at the whim of the State.

When you are born your Mother and Father submit (to bend to Another’s will) a Birth Certificate Registration Applicationsingularity Form. Your PERSON was created when your birth was registered and is evidenced by your birth certificate. You don’t get to say what its rights and duties are because you did not create it. The Corporation that is the Australian Government did. In the formulation in any limited Company there is always a Certificate of Registration to create its legal personality. Your fictional PERSON known as MR, MRS or Ms, your NAME is created by the same means. When you register you are handing over legal title of what you are registering to whom or what you are registering to acknowledging or transferring the Authority to another by this process. When you Apply; which means to beg; the assumption is made you know exactly what you are begging for, by whom or what you are Applying to, and that you know, exactly what you are willing to give up for it. This is completely voluntary and not compulsory.

The Name of the PERSON being created on your Birth certificate contains a capitalized surname. To create this PERSON they also need the Names of the FATHER & MOTHER who are the Informants with Capitalized Surnames. Your Parents in effect are Informing on you being Born. The process is already worded to sound like a criminal activity. The Document also requires a Declaration ( as part of Common Law), from a man or a woman (not a PERSON) present to represent the PERSON, needed to create the new PERSON’S LEGAL PERSONALITY. This PERSON is then Registered to a Corporation in the guise of the Registry of Australian Births, Deaths and Marriages. At this point your child no longer belongs to you. They are subject to the Law which includes Mandatory Schooling &Vaccinations. The State reserves the right to remove your children from your care should that care not be deemed satisfactory by Agents of the State: Child Services.

Point of fact your Children are the Property of the Australian Government. You effectively signed over ownership when you Registered them at Birth. You are not obliged to Register your children. If you do it is at that point that you are creating a legal entity for a PERSON. You are associating this Legal Entity with your Child, you are abandoning ownership of your Child, legal title to that PERSON, and the Government is seizing that under the maritime salvage law it becomes their property and they use it as collateral to float loans.

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