Conspiratorial History of Human Evolution

According to Conspiratorial History the genetic manipulation of the human species by extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional beings began

Alleged Effects of  Monotomic Gold on the Brain
Alleged Effects of Monotomic Gold on the Brain

around 5000 BC. These advanced beings who throughout history have been visiting the Earth have been mistaken for both Angels and Demons by those who have seen them. According to unadulterated ancient texts from around the world they first appeared where the river Euphrates enters the Persian Gulf. The reason being that in that area hidden in the sea water is vast concentrations of what is called monatomic gold.

The visitors were called the Annunaki which according to Sumerian cuneiform tablets, a people who lived in the south-eastern part of what is now known as Iraq, where the river Eufrates  meets the Persian Gulf literally means those who from the heavens to the Earth descended. The Visitors came to the Earth to mine for Monotomic Gold to replenish the reserves depleted on their own planet. The Substance named The Bread of the Presence by the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt was said to enhance and repair all bodily functions, advance intelligence and stop the body from aging. Far from being an antiquated myth in modern Scientific terms Monatomic gold is known as a superconductive metal.

Artist Depiction of Early Sumerian City
Artist Depiction of Early Sumerian City

Superconductivity enables the optimal efficiency of energy. Meaning the maximum energy input becomes the maximum energy output, there is no energy loss due to heat dissipation. When applying this principle to the electro-magnetic soft machine that is the brain which is a huge electrical machine, monatomic gold increases intellectual productivity by super-charging its neural pathways so they act like a quantum drive superhighway. This means that all your senses receive inputs optimally and those inputs can be processed optimally, activating the dormant parts of your brain enhancing memory,problem solving skills, psychic ability and increasing cognitive perception. In the same way Uranium 235 is produced., monatomic elements are separated from their multi-atomic counter-parts, by processing it in such a way that the gold, usually in pairs of 8 atoms per molecule, can be divided into loose particles.

The Tree of Life According to the Sumerians
The Tree of Life According to the Sumerians

As described on the clay tablets of the ancient Sumerians: For the use as intelligent slaves the

Modern DNA Helix: The Building Blocks of Life
Modern DNA Helix: The Building Blocks of Life

Annunaki took a man, removed a rib that contains bone marrow and a perfect source for DNA extraction. The Annunaki modified its DNA for a better manipulation of the humans and implanted it into a woman who gave birth to children who were genetically modified by proxy. These humans became the laborers of the Annunaki and processed Gold for them. An exchange of information occurred between the two races in which a select few were given knowledge regarding the building of civilization, cultivation and astronomy. But this was only given to a select few in order that the masses could be better controlled. Then the Annunaki disappeared.

Consequently the universal symbol for human DNA resembles the word YAH which in Hebrew translates as GOD.

Kabbalistic Tree of Life
Kabbalistic Tree of Life

Still some of the humans were given instruction on building part of the advanced technology of the Annunaki. These according to some scholars were the Jewish people who built a portable super-conductor more commonly referred to by Historians and Theologians as the Arc of the covenant (arc as in arc-light) which they carried out of Egypt. Before them the arc was in the lands of the Sumerians, Babylonians and Tibetans. This arc was said to contain immense powers such as levitation and the ability to produce and deliver the fire of stars, attributed to the de-stabilising of the monotomic elements contained therein. Those who were privy to the knowledge of its operation were granted long and prosperous lives, such as Methuselah who lived up to 950 years.

The Science behind the elements of the Arc, technically known as ORMEs, Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements are with-held from the public and are exempt from the Freedom of Information Act as a matter of National Security. Knowing the secrets of ORMEs lends itself to the manipulation of these elements and great power to the nation that wields it. These powers are said to include anti-gravity, free energy, quantum computation, telepathy, tele-portation, remote viewing and seeing both future and past. The technology can only be operated by the direct access and manipulation of consciousness, therefore strength of purpose and clarity of mind are required lest the technology remain inert.

The word ORME is the same as the Hebrew word which means: the “Tree of Life”.

ORMEs consist of 8 metals known as the light platinum group that include: ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, and silver, as well as osmium, iridium, platinum, and gold or the heavy platinum group. The gestation of these metals in monatomic form should prolong life and enhance and repair bodily functions. By following what is called a wide spectrum diet you can provide your body with monatomic super-conductive elements, such as grapes, carrot, all blue and dark red fruits and vegetables and fish.

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