Obama, Akhenaton & The Thousand-year Reich

Israel in Egypt by Edward Poynter

Great changes were passing over the civilized world. Old kingdoms were being broken up, and new kingdoms were in process of formation. 

 The Iberew who were the original Israelites invaded Egypt during the 13th Dynasty and were known as the Hyksos Pharaohs. The Hyksos invasion of Egypt

may have been an indirect result of the migrations from the Iranian plateau and the conquest of Babylonia. It is during this period that the children of Israel appear to have settled in Egypt. Before reaching Egypt they must have come under the influence of a well-organized State because they had attained, at that stage of civilization the recognition and necessity of establishing a strong central government. These foreign invaders lived and ruled in Egypt for 300 years.  Though expelled during the 18th Dynasty many of the elite who were Pharaohs, courtiers, viziers and high priests were allowed to retain their positions office and were incorporated into Egyptian ruling class.  Hyksos was a term of contempt for a people whom the proud Egyptians made scornful reference to as polluted or impure.  Those who were ultimately expelled from Egypt were the lower classes and not considered genuine Iberews by the upper class sect.  It is their descendants who were allowed to be sent to Hitler’s gas chambers in the great purge of World War 2.  These were Jews that were considered inferior having converted to Judaism later in their history as opposed to being borne out of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Pharaoh Notes the Importance of the Jewish People by Tissot

Even though the Hyksos were despised by the majority of the Egyptian peoples their culture’s longevity and their numbers in positions of power safeguarded their rule. The Hittite war god was the chief deity of the Hyksos. Like Ra-Tum of Heliopolis and Horus of Edfu his appearance in Egypt points to a definite foreign influence. He was the deity of a people who exercised control over subject states–a strange god who was adopted by compulsion because he represented the ruling Power. The Hyksos kings endeavoured to compel the Egyptians to recognize Sutekh, their official non-Arabian god–an indication that their organization had a religious basis. These Israelite Pharaohs of Egypt occupied the cities of Armana, Giza, Heliopolis, and the Northern regions where the Nile river meets the Mediterranean sea.  Goshen was the stretch of land that housed the seat of power for the Hyksos, it was also known as Sion and is where the term Zionism originates.  The original Zionist Jews were the Levites.

The Hyksos overwhelmed the land at the close of the Fourteenth Dynasty. Then they chose for a king “one of their own .  Akhenaton was chosen to be Pharaoh by the Hyksos who conspired to impoverish and enslave the people and ban the worship of their Gods. He selected Memphis as his capital.   He was one of the earliest architects of the New World Order who was supported by a ruling elite much like Adolph Hitler was supported by the Vrill-Thule Society.  He is also the founder of today’s modern monotheistic religions, imposing  Monotheism and the worship of One God under Aten which today translates as Amen. Their desire was to establish the worship of the Hittite Sutekh.obamaknaton-2

Before she died the American Psychic Jeane Dixon described the birth and ancestry of the prophesied charismatic leader of the coming world government.  A personage she identified as the Antichrist of the christian book of revelations.  Through his mother’s lineage, he would be of Jewish descent and by his Father’s bloodline be related to the ancient 18th Century Egyptian Pharaoh Akenhaton.  Human genetic material, wholly intact after 2,400 years, was found to contain DNA that could be molecularly cloned in a plasmid vector, was extracted from the mummy of a child and grown in a laboratory. The studies show that samples of mummy DNA can be cloned and that the DNA fragments seem to contain little or no deviations postmortem.

King Soloman by Sir Edward Poynter

During the 2008 presidential campaigns information regarding Barac Hussein Obama’s Heritage began to circulate.  This information detailed his blood relations through his Mother Ann Durham to George Bush, Dick Cheyny and Bill Clinton- Descendants all of an ancient bloodline to which an unusually large number of top U.S. politicians past and present are affiliated.   This ancestry which the Royal houses of Europe also share, can trace its routes back to the Merovingian Bloodline, named after Mirovey, who was king of the Salian Frankish Dynasty during the 1st half of the 5th Century a.d.  Under this leadership the Salian Franks became the foremost dominant tribe , and founded an empire that reached its height during the reign of Charlamaine.  The Merovingians claimed their descent from the Sicambri, who they believed were originally a Scythian or Cimmerian tribe once inhabiting the river Danube that changed their name to the Franks in 11 BC under the leadership of a chieftain called “Frankus”. The Franks first appear in historical writing in the 3rd century. The Merovinginans traced their Sicambrian origins from Marcomir I-died 412 BC and ultimately to the Kings of Troy. Marcomir I lived around 400 BC and preceded the Merovingian dynasty.  The Merovingian formed alliances and intermarried with all the major Royal Families of Europe.  When Childeric III was deposed, the Merovingians were the longest ruling dynasty in western Europe.  Clovis I, Clovis II, Childeric II, and Dagobert II were very strong rulers.  Childebert III operated successively with the aristocracy.  The people east of the Rhine were also subject to the Merovingians.

by Jules Joseph Lefebvre
Mary Magdalene In The Cave by Jules Joseph Lefebvre

Another ancient legend claims that Jesus and Mary Magdalene married, or were at least lovers and that she was with child during the Crucifixion.

An early French legend records that Mary Magdalene, traveling with Martha and Lazarus of Bethany, landed in a boat on the southern coast of Provence in France.

Other legends credit Joseph of Arimathea as being the custodian of the Sangraal, which has been suggested may be the royal bloodline of Israel rather than a literal chalice. The vessel that contained this bloodline, the archetypal chalice of medieval myth, must have been the wife of the anointed King Jesus.

This legend suggests that Jesus was secretly married to Mary of Bethany (Magdalene) and that she was a daughter of the tribe of Benjamin, whose ancestral heritage was the land surrounding the Holy City of David, the city Jerusalem. A dynastic marriage between Jesus and a royal daughter of the Benjamites would have been perceived as a source of healing to the people of Israel during their tenure as an occupied nation.

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