Boystown, The White House & the Devil

Johnny Gosch wa the Original missing Child on the Milk Carton

This is the story of a nationwide pedophile ring that provided children to the rich and powerful. The Network’s organisers were a pair of political powerbrokers who had access to the highest levels of the U.S government.  Efforts by Nebraska Legislators investigating the disappearance of $40 million from the Franklin Credit Union were alerted to the child prostitution network by Social Services.  When they attempted to expose the ring they were met by a spate of unexplained deaths.  It is also the bizarre story of Jeff Gannon (aka James Dale Guckert), a male prostitute who had somehow gotten press clearance to enter the White House press corps?

The Franklin Cover-up began as an investigation into the defrauding of the Franklin Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska in the early 8o’s. The affair was so convoluted & entrenched in corruption, for anyone to come forward with what they witnessed, it would not only compromise their safety but also their liberty. The conspiracy centred around Lawrence King, an entertainer and well known personality at Republican conventions who was tried & convicted for the theft of $40 million & sentenced to 2 years gaol. He was also a practising Paedophile who catered to wealthy patrons & republican party insiders. The investigation would lead into a criminal enterprise involving extortion, blackmail & child prostitution that reached all the way to the White house & the Presidency.

These operations overseen by King would be conducted at Republican fund raising after-parties, in which young boys & girls were brokered to senators,

congressmen & women & persons of influence. So connected to the political world was King that upon his parole he was recruited into the National Republican Party. King’s strategy, like that of MK-Ultra was to target political figures to ensure anonymity & continued financial support from legislature, by using children from Boystown & others kidnapped to compromise influential men & women. These political figures would be photographed & video taped engaging in drug taking & various sexual activity with minors.

Embedded White-house reporter Johnny Gosch\Jeff Gannon Right, claimed he was abducted

The sexual abuse of children as horrific and criminal as it is was only part of the story.  It was the prominent figures in the U.S Government’s involvement in the drug trade that made this story so much more explosive.  Johnny Gosch  was a 12-year-old paperboy in Iowa when he disappeared on September 5, 1982. Paul Bonacci told attorney John Decamp that he was in a sex ringwith Gosch as a teenager and was forced into participating in Gosch’s abduction. He also admitted along with Alisha Owen that they had been used as drug couriers to bring cocaine in from the West Coast for Alan Baer, Larry King and others during the 1980s.  It was first reported by the World Herald Reporter  James Flanery that King was “running guns and money into Nicaragua, and that the CIA was heavily involved.   The story told by Monarch victims – one of whom is Paul Bonacci – is that they were tortured for the purpose of creating “multiple personalities” within them. These multiple personalities could then be programmed as spies, drug mules, prostitutes, or assassins.

Victims who came forward testified that King & his associates performed Satanic rituals & human sacrifices under the guidance & in the presence of Lt. Col. Michael Aquino. Practices that came out of Strategic Air Command Air Force Base in Omaha. Specialists in the subject suggest that the satanic influence was introduced to induce trauma in the victims, so acute that it would cause multiple personalities to emerge. One victim, Paul Bonacci was diagnosed as having at least 13 separate personalities, & won a civil law suite against King on February 5th1999. Many of the other children who came forward with their stories did not fair so well, having been murdered or imprisoned.

Lawrence King-Entertainer, Republican, Embezzler & Kiddy Fiddler

Interestingly, two grand juries ruled the allegations false and two purported victims were indicted for perjury, one was convicted and sentenced to 9–15 years in prison sparking a slew of conspiracy theories due to the involvement of high ranking government officials and dubious personalities involved in the case, the most notable of which is Lt. Col. Michael Aquino a military specialist in psychological warfare and open Satanist.  He is pictured left with founder of San Fransisco’s  Church of Satan Anton La Vey.

Russel ‘Rusty’ Nelson was one of King’s photographers & was commissioned with photographing the fundraising events, although he does not admit to photographing any of the explicit material.  The interstate Pedophile network flew groomed children from coast to coast and rented them out to the powerful elite in order to comprimise them and later Blackmail.  These included politicians, and businessmen.  Fund raising events would be held at various houses that had been wired for audio visual surveillance.  The Pedophile network was covered up by the Department of Justice, the FBI and the Secret Service throughout the Reagan and Bush administration at the highest level of Government.

Allegation of secret child auctions originated with Ted Gunderson, a former Los Angeles FBI bureau chief who

Ted Gunderson: Fmr. Chief Agent in Charge FBI Los Angeles, Dallas & Memphis

devoted the last decades of his life to investigating child sex trafficking, ritual abuse, and other organized criminal activity that he claimed extended to the Whitehouse. He was also involved in investigating the September 1982 abduction of 12-year-old West Des Moines newspaper boy Johnny Gosch, the original milk carton kid. Gunderson said that one auction took place at an air strip about 50 miles north of Las Vegas NV, and that similar auctions took place in other localities.

Evidence produced by Gunderson and others during the nearly thirty years since Johnny’s abduction suggests this was not a random kidnapping. A witness saw Johnny being photographed on his way home from school, by a man, two weeks before the kidnapping. She reported it to police and gave them a vehicle license number but no report was filed. Two weeks later Johnny was abducted while on his newspaper route.

According to numerous sources, Johnny was kidnapped by a highly organized, global paedophile and pornography ring. Allegations link this same crime ring to the 80′s “Congressional call boy” scandal, the Omaha NE “Franklin cover-up” scandal, money laundering, drug running, illegal arms deals and more. Johnny is said to have been subjected to severe trauma, torture, and brainwashing to destroy his personality and transform him into a sex slave. Several photographs of him in captivity have since surfaced.

5 thoughts on “Boystown, The White House & the Devil”

  1. Of course…the evil Republicans and mostly Bush and naturally these powerful and unnamed senators are all Republicans. Why don’t you name them? Your words speak
    Volumes on the caliber of your intellect.

    1. trust me it is not just republicans, water gate was a child sex crime porn democrats cover up so stretch your thinking wider deeper they are all on the same team just not with us keep us divided

  2. A lot more people already know the “Illuminati” stands for all this, you have to be full of evil and so warped in your mind to think any of them will not burn for eternity for having a part of this. Whether this is real or not, whoever you are, there are still a lot of people on the side of caring for innocent children and children who are now adults who was forced in these hideous crimes. There is still hope for you.

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